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    Principal urges Queen’s community to come together with dignity and respect

    Dear all members of Queen’s University,

    The current outbreak of novel coronavirus is raising concerns across the globe. While it is understandable that in some circumstances people may respond with fear, it is always important, especially in a university, to make decisions based on information and facts. At Queen’s, we are monitoring the evolving situation very carefully and are being guided by experts in the field. At this time, the health risk to our community from coronavirus remains low. 

    There is, however, a related and insidious social challenge already emerging amongst us, one which we must all face and directly combat. Actions taken out of fear, guided by misinformation and false assumptions, do a disservice to every member of our community. Ignorantly ostracizing Chinese and Asian students will rip apart the beautiful tapestry of our international campus and must be repudiated by everyone. Now is a time to come together and care for one another, with dignity and respect. This virus does not discriminate, and our greatest weapon against it is knowledge and correct, preventive action.  

    – Patrick Deane, Principal and Vice-Chancellor