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    Human Resources

    Job Title: Budget Coordinator 
    Department: Planning and Budget 
    Competition: 2015-008 
    Successful Candidate: Lisa McKee

    Job Title: Director, Business Development 
    Department: Queen's School of Business, Executive Education 
    Competition: 2014-312 
    Successful Candidate: Larry Graham

    Job Title: Career Coach, Business Career Centre (USW Local 2010) 
    Department: Queen's School of Business 
    Competition: 2014-359A 
    Successful Candidate: Lora Sprigings

    Job Title: Assistant Web Developer (USW Local 2010) 
    Department: Faculty of Education 
    Competition: 2014-340 
    Successful Candidate: Mark Sloan

    Job Title: Program Manager (USW Local 2010) 
    Department: Queen's School of Business 
    Competition: 2015-024 
    Successful Candidate: Kathryn Papke (EMBA Admin)

    Job Title: Clinic Clerk (USW Local 2010) 
    Department: Family Medicine 
    Competition: 2015-035 
    Successful Candidate: Carly Bain

    Job Title: Ethics & Regulatory Team Leader 
    Department: NCIC - Clinical Trials Group 
    Competition: 2014-285 
    Successful Candidate: Jennifer Snyder

    Job Title: Auditor-Monitor 
    Department: NCIC - Clinical Trials Group 
    Competition: 2014-315 
    Successful Candidate: Yan Zhao


    Nominations invited for grad student supervision award

    The School of Graduate Studies invites nominations of faculty members for consideration for the 2015 Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Supervision. 

    The purpose of this award is to recognize those outstanding supervisors who demonstrate excellence in advising, monitoring and mentoring their graduate students. Two awards will be presented at the fall 2015 convocation: one in the social sciences and humanities, and one in life sciences, natural sciences and engineering.

    Award nomination forms and guidelines are available from the Office of the Dean, School of Graduate Studies (deansgsr@queensu.ca) or at www.queensu.ca/sgs. Nomination packages should be submitted to the Dean, School of Graduate Studies, Queen’s University, Gordon Hall 425, 74 Union Street, Kingston, ON K7L 3N6 by 4 pm on Thursday, May 28.

    Last call for visitorships, lectures nominations

    The Provost’s Advisory Committee for the Promotion of the Arts invites nominations for the Brockington Visitorship, the Chancellor Dunning Trust Lecture, the George Taylor Richardson Memorial Fund, the Robert Sutherland Visitorship and the Rosen Lecture Series. In order to encourage the broadest possible range of nominations, any person or group within the Queen’s community is eligible to make a nomination. The deadline for submission is March 31, 2015. Please send one electronic copy of submission to provost@queensu.ca

    Terms of references:

    Brockington Visitorship: “To invite a person of international distinction to come to Queen’s University to deliver a public lecture and to meet formally and informally with faculty and students.”

    Chancellor Dunning Trust Lecture: “The Chancellor Dunning Lecturer will be expected to deliver a public lecture that promotes the understanding and appreciation of the supreme importance of the dignity, freedom and responsibility of the individual person in human society.”

    George Taylor Richardson Memorial Fund: “This fund provides grants to support public performances and exhibitions for the benefit of the Queen’s and broader Kingston communities.”

    Robert Sutherland Visitorship: “This fund provides grants to support public performances and exhibitions for the benefit of the Queen’s and broader Kingston communities.”

    Rosen Lecture Series: “The purpose of the series is to enable the wider community to better understand the living and vital tradition of Judaism, its relationship to other religious traditions and its role in the development of contemporary civilizations, and to explore the historical role played by Jews and Jewish thought.”

    Nominations now accepted for Distinguished Service Award

    Queen’s faculty, staff and retirees are invited to nominate candidates for a Queen’s Distinguished Service Award. Inaugurated by the University Council in 1974, this award recognizes individuals who have made the university a better place through their extraordinary contributions. Recipients become honorary life members of the council.

    Recent changes to the University Council bylaws now allow Queen’s employees and retirees to nominate recipients, who will be recognized at the University Council annual dinner on Saturday, Nov. 7.   

    The guidelines, the nomination form and additional information are available online.

    Please submit nominations to the University Council executive committee, care of the University Secretariat, by Thursday, April 30, 2015 at 4 pm

    Please contact the University Secretariat at ucouncil@queensu.ca or 613-533-6095 if you have questions about the Distinguished Service Award or the nomination process.