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    Cyber Security Awareness Month: Beware of mobile attacks

    Information Technology Services (ITS) is focusing on mobile device security during the second week of Cyber Security Awareness Month.

    Members of the Queen’s community are increasingly accessing data from just about anywhere using their tablets or smartphones. Whether used personally or professionally, these devices often contain sensitive or confidential data. Many of the attacks previously seen through personal computers are now being targeted at mobile device users.

    ITS has posted several best practices that Queen’s staff, faculty and students can follow to ensure their mobile device remains secure. Some of these include:

    • Using a password or PIN to keep devices locked and data from being easily accessed by others.
    • Installing updates to the mobile operating system and/or applications to ensure reported bugs or security vulnerabilities are fixed.
    • Learning how to remotely wipe the device if it’s lost or stolen, especially if it contains confidential data.

    Visit the ITS website to see the full list of guidelines, access the Cyber Security Survival Toolkit, and learn more about last week’s topic, phishing, a form of online identity theft.