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    Email phishing alert

    The following is a Queen's University ITServices notification:

    Queen's is receiving a large volume of phishing emails that reference an update to email service.

    Please do not follow the link or enter your credentials to verify your account. If you do follow the link to the bogus site and attempt to login, your failed login will simply provide your credentials to a hacker.  Please change your netid password immediately if you have tried to log into the bogus website.

    ITServices have posted a number of tips to help you determine when an email is a phishing attempt. Searching for the term phishing from the Queen's home page will direct you to the following tutorial: http://www.queensu.ca/its/security/EducationAndAwareness/phishing.html

    Need Help? Call the ITServices Support Centre at 613.533.6666 or fill out the online help form.