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UPDATE: Emergency hot water shutdown – Biosciences Complex

UPDATE JULY 12, 3:13 pm

Full domestic hot and cold water service has been restored to all areas in Biosciences Complex.

UPDATE July 12, 1:18 pm

Further to the notice below, PPS plumbers now need to perform a full domestic cold water shutdown in order to proceed with the necessary repairs. This means that there will be no domestic hot or cold water available to all areas in the facility. This shutdown will also affect the facility's chillers/cooling system, which also serves the 4th floor of Humphrey Hall.

A separate notice will be issued when water service is restored.


An emergency hot water shutdown is in progress in Biosciences Complex to permit PPS plumbers to repair a hot water line that has been compromised. The cold water supply remains available for hand washing, flushing toilets, lab and kitchen use, etc. A separate notice will be issued when hot water is restored to the facility.

Any questions about this emergency shutdown should be directed to Fixit by phone at ext. 77301 or by email.