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    FIT TIPS: 10 more ways to get active

    With the aim of helping faculty, staff and students "Get Your 150" (minutes of recommended exercise a week) to improve health and wellness, the Gazette and Athletics and Recreation will be offering Fit Tips each week.

    Here are 10 quick ways you can work toward getting "Get Your 150":

    1. Do bicep curls with your grocery bags
    2. Stick to the outer edges of the grocery store (the middle aisles tend to have canned and processed unhealthy foods)
    3. Go toss a frisbee around with friends on the weekend
    4. Incorporate different kinds of proteins into your diet
    5. Join an intramural team with friends
    6. Incorporate squats and lunges into your laundry routine
    7. Use washrooms on another floor and take the stairs
    8. Try to buy fresh, whole foods rather than pre-prepared ones
    9. When you have to drive, park far away so you have to walk farther
    10. Eat foods high in protein, they fill you up for longer and help you build lean muscle