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    FIT TIPS: Easy ways to stay active and healthy

    Here are 10 tips to help you achieve 150 minutes of physical activity in a week, and to help you live a healthy lifestyle. See how many you can do in one week:

    1. Drink a glass of water before every meal
    2. Take the bus instead of driving, enjoy the walk to and from the bus stop
    3. Try a dance class
    4. Order dressing on the side of salads
    5. Watch a scary movie with friends, it burns more calories than other movies and boosts endorphins
    6. Walk to the Farmer’s Market downtown and treat yourself to fresh fruits and vegetables
    7. Download the Lumosity app on your phone and try out the brain exercises
    8. Switch up your workout routine to keep things interesting
    9. When ordering pizza, ask for thin-crust
    10. Go rock climbing