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    FIT TIPS: New ways to 'Get Your 150'

    With the aim of helping faculty, staff and students "Get Your 150" (minutes of recommended exercise a week) to improve health and wellness, the Gazette and Athletics and Recreation will be offering Fit Tips each week.

    Here are 10 quick ways you can work toward getting "Get Your 150":

    1. Instead of drinking juice with dinner, have a glass of milk or water

    2. When going for a coffee date with a friend, grab and go! Walk while you sip

    3. Throw a healthy potluck with friends, and share the recipes

    4. When you have writer’s block, do 10 jumping jacks

    5. Do toe touches and side bends in the shower

    6. March on the spot when you’re microwaving food

    7. Take the stairs to the top floor when you’re going to the library

    8. After you finish a page of reading, hold a plank for 30 seconds

    9. Offer to dog sit and take your friend’s dog for a walk

    10. When at the library, hover over your chair for 30 seconds once every half-hour