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FIT TIPS: Plan to be more active

Here are 10 tips to help you aim for 150 minutes of physical activity in a week, and to help you live a healthy lifestyle. See how many you can do in one week:

1. Pack healthy snacks to eat throughout the day and to curb cravings
2. Find ways to laugh more, laughing reduces stress
3. Floss more, it improves oral hygiene and studies show it adds about three years on to your life!
4. Avoid eating late
5. Go for frozen yogurt instead of ice cream
6. Focus on good posture when sitting at your desk
7. At the beginning of the week plan how you’re going to get your 150 minutes of physical activity
8. Include an item from each food group in every meal
9. Don’t focus on what the scale says, pay more attention to how you feel
10. Use an agenda to better manage your time, and reduce stress