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    FIT TIPS: Simple ways to 'Get Your 150'

    With the aim of helping faculty, staff and students "Get Your 150" (minutes of recommended exercise a week) to improve health and wellness, the Gazette and Athletics and Recreation will be offering Fit Tips each week.

    Here are 10 quick ways you can work toward getting "Get Your 150":

    1. Every time you check Facebook do arm stretches

    2. Take advantage of the free exercise classes at the ARC - look for the RED classes on the Fitness Plus Schedule here

    3. When waiting in line anywhere, do calf raises

    4. When bending down to get something, hold the squat for 30 seconds before grabbing it

    5. Download a meditation app on your phone and spend 10 minutes a day de-stressing

    6. Do 10 lunges with your backpack before you leave the house

    7. Research healthy options before going out to eat at a restaurant

    8. Go to the open swim in the ARC before class, and reward yourself with a warm shower after

    9. Go for a hike with friends, or find a local bike trail to enjoy on a nice day

    10. Find physically active alternatives to typical hangout sessions with friends