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Fit Tips: Stay active at school

Here are 10 tips to help you achieve 150 minutes of physical activity in a week, and to help you live a healthy lifestyle. See how many you can do in one week:

  1. Volunteer to be a referee or coach for a local youth sports team
  2. Walk to go pick up food instead of getting delivery
  3. Buy organic or local when possible
  4. Support the Gaels by standing and cheering at games. You have free regular season tickets, check out the schedule for all teams and clubs.
  5. Use technology to find new strength exercises (Nike+ app is great and free!)
  6. Pay attention to recommended serving sizes
  7. Start a jogging group
  8. Go on the haunted walk in downtown Kingston
  9. Take a five minute full-body stretch break between classes
  10. Leave for class 10 minutes earlier and enjoy the extra fresh air