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Joint Board/Senate Committee membership announced

Principal and Vice-Chancellor Daniel Woolf’s current term is scheduled to conclude on June 30, 2019 and he has advised the Chair of the Board of Trustees that he wishes to be considered for a third and final term.

Accordingly, a Joint Board/Senate Committee to Review the Principalship has now been established to solicit and review submissions, in confidence, on the present state and future development of the university and on the principalship. The Joint Committee is charged with formulating a recommendation for the Board of Trustees on whether the principal should be reappointed following completion of his current term. 

Membership of the Joint Board/Senate Committee to Review the Principalship has been determined as per the Terms of Reference and approved by Senate and the Board of Trustees. The Joint Committee is made up of nine members of the Board of Trustees and nine members of the Senate, in addition to Chancellor Jim Leech, who will chair the committee.


  • Jim Leech, Committee Chair
  • Theodore Christou, Senate
  • Hazel Claxton, Board of Trustees
  • Kevin Corey, Senate
  • Laeeque Daneshmend, Senate
  • Ginette Denford, Board of Trustees
  • Petra Fachinger, Senate
  • Adam Grotsky, Senate
  • Cathy Lemmon, Senate
  • Jennifer Li, Senate
  • Susan Lounsbury, Board of Trustees
  • Colin Lynch, Board of Trustees
  • Kelly McKinnon, Board of Trustees
  • Donald Raymond, Board of Trustees
  • Richard Reznick, Senate
  • Darryl Robinson, Senate
  • Daniel Tisch, Board of Trustees
  • Mary Wilson Trider, Board of Trustees
  • Cam Yung, Board of Trustees

Photos and biographical statements of each member is now available on the Joint Board/Senate Committee to Review the Principalship webpage.

More details about how members of the Queen’s community can submit their input will be shared in the coming weeks. Once all of this input has been collected and considered, the Joint Committee will submit a written report to the Board of Trustees with its recommendation.