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LaSalle Building water to be shut down Nov. 17

A water shutdown is scheduled for the LaSalle Building on Saturday, Nov. 17 between 9 am and 4 pm (approximate timing) to permit Physical Plant Services to test the building’s premises isolation backflow prevention device as well as to repair a water line in the first floor corridor. During the shutdown period, there will be no domestic hot or cold water available for hand washing, flushing toilets or kitchen use.


  1. Utilities Kingston has developed the Cross Connection Control Program (CCCP) in order to monitor and enforce premises isolation in accordance with by-law 2006-122, which requires the installation, maintenance, and testing of approved backflow prevention devices. These backflow prevention devices must be tested annually by a Registered Certified Tester; with reports submitted to the CCCP.
  2. There may be discolouration or air in your water when a tap is first opened following the service interruption. This is quite normal and is an aesthetic problem only; it does not present a safety concern. Run your water for several minutes before using it and the problem should quickly remedy itself. It is best to perform this initial flushing at a tap that is not equipped with a mesh strainer in order to avoid a possible fouling of the strainer.

For more information, contact Fixit by phone at ext. 77301 or by email.