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    Mackintosh-Corry washroom renovations

    The 3rd floor north (B-Wing) and south (D-Wing), 2nd floor south (D-Wing)  and 1st floor north women’s (B-Wing) washrooms in Mackintosh-Corry Hall have been re-opened following minor renovations to revitalize these spaces.

    Beginning on Monday, June 15th, painters will be preparing and painting washrooms according to the following schedule:

    • Monday, June 15th – 2nd floor north (B-Wing) washrooms to be closed
    • Monday, June 15th and Tuesday, June 16th -  4th floor north (B-Wing) and 5th floor south (D-Wing) washrooms to be closed
    • Wednesday, June 17th and Thursday, June 18th – 4th floor south (D-Wing) and 5th floor north (B-Wing) washrooms to be closed

    Please note:

    • Washrooms will always be available for use on the 4th or 5th floor at each end of the building during the above referenced closures.
    • The 1st floor north (B-Wing) men’s washroom remains closed for major repairs.

    Any questions or concerns regarding this project work should be directed to Fixit by phone at extension 77301 or by e-mail.