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Nominations open for 2021 Baillie Award

Queen's students finishing their undergraduate program can nominate an influential secondary school teacher for the award.

Students who will be graduating this year from their undergraduate program are invited to look back at their academic journey to Queen’s and submit nominations for the 2021 Baillie Award for Excellence in Secondary School Teaching.

The award, established by Chancellor Emeritus A. Charles Baillie, recognizes exceptional secondary school teachers in Canada who have served as role models and mentors to their students and inspired academic excellence. Undergraduate Queen’s students can honour a teacher who had a formative influence on the student’s course to post-secondary education and graduation from Queen’s.

“The Baillie Award exemplifies the vital role secondary-school teachers play in inspiring and supporting students in the pursuit of higher education,” says Vice-Provost and Dean of Student Affairs Ann Tierney. “Thanks to Chancellor Emeritus Baillie’s generosity, our students are able to help us honour the exceptional work being done by secondary-school teachers across Canada.”

Up to five awards are made annually and each teacher-recipient receives a financial prize and, once it is safe for in-person ceremonies to be held, recipients will be invited to attend their student-nominator’s convocation ceremony on campus.

The deadline for student submissions is March 15, 2021 at 8:30am.

Students can find the nomination form and more information on the Student Affairs Website.