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Proposed revision to Student Code of Conduct posted for public comment

A revision is being proposed to the scope clause of the university’s Student Code of Conduct, and the university community is being invited to comment.

The university has reviewed clause 1(b)(ii) of the Student Code of Conduct, initially approved by the Board of Trustees in 2016, to provide clarity regarding the university’s jurisdiction over student conduct that takes place off university property.

The recommended revisions ensure that, in appropriate circumstances, the university retains jurisdiction over non-academic student conduct that takes place off university property, while narrowing those circumstances to more clearly articulated university interests. The revision also provides an approach to jurisdiction over off-campus student conduct that is more consistent with that taken by courts and other universities.

The policy document can found online at the University Secretariat and Legal Counsel website.

University community members have until Monday, March 25 at 4 pm to send their feedback to policies@queensu.ca.