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    Queen’s makes face masks mandatory in all public areas of campus

    To help reduce the potential spread of COVID-19, all individuals in indoor public or common spaces at Queen’s will be required to wear a face covering starting July 24. This includes lobbies, hallways, stairwells, restrooms, elevators, and other areas that are shared with others.

    Examples of where face coverings are not required include:

    • while working alone in one’s own (non-public/non-student) work area/office/lab/research space
    • while working behind plexiglass servicing people and where a physical distancing of at least 2m can be maintained
    • when eating or drinking (with 2m physical distancing being maintained)

    Exemptions are provided for people with underlying medical conditions that inhibit their ability to wear masks as noted by KFL&A Public Health. It should also be noted that face coverings do not replace required job-specific Personal Protective Equipment, such as medical/procedure masks, face shields or respirators. Also, the use of reusable cloth face masks may not be suitable in certain environments (i.e. chemical, radiological, biological labs). In these instances, disposable masks, appropriate to the hazard, need to be considered if physical distancing cannot be maintained.

    In addition to wearing a face mask, it’s important everyone continues to carry out a range of health and safety actions, including physical distancing where possible, frequent hand-washing, using hand sanitizer, avoiding touching your face, disinfecting high-touch surfaces, and self-monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms. More information on measures in place at Queen’s is also available on the university’s COVID-19 website.

    Please refer to guidelines for current information on who is currently allowed to be attending the Queen’s campus.

    Information on face mask distribution

    To support this important safety measure, Queen’s has purchased two cloth face masks for each employee. These masks will be distributed to employees as they are permitted to return to campus as part of a phased return to regular operations.

    Cloth masks can be picked up by Queen’s employees at the Queen’s Postal & Print Services (QPPS) office in Fleming Hall, Jemmett Wing, Room 001. Employees are reminded to practice physical distancing when entering the building. As this wing is not considered accessible, if you need assistance please contact QPPS at (613) 533-6305 and your items will be delivered curbside to your vehicle.

    We ask that only those authorized to be on campus pick up their cloth masks. Strategic Procurement Services will work with Faculties and departments on a broader distribution plan as campus operations are approved to resume.

    Cloth masks will be made available to students who are required to be on campus and a process for distribution is currently being determined.

    Individuals can also use their own masks or face covering.