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Learn how Queen's is planning for our safe return to campus.

Queen’s marks Emergency Preparedness Week

May 7-13 is Emergency Preparedness Week in Canada and it is a good time to remind ourselves of the emergency preparedness and response information that is available on campus.


Here at Queen’s, there are many people who work to ensure a safe, healthy environment for students, staff, and faculty. There are a number of resources available to you in the event that an emergency occurs.

The Queen’s University Emergency Response Procedures can be reviewed on the Campus Security and Emergency Services website. While you are there, please consider printing a copy for your desk or workplace.

Queen's also has an emergency response plan to ensure that the university is prepared in the event of a broad range of emergencies. 

Also, please remind yourself how the university’s emergency notification system works and what it would sound like if activated in the event of an emergency.  

Did you know we have an app to access emergency information?

Download the SeQure app NOW!

On the emergency procedures and plans page  of the Environmental Health and Safety website you can find the following important information:

  • Procedures for reporting incidents and accidents
  • Guidance for the preparation of individualized workplace emergency response plans for employees who have a disability that requires accommodation
  • A template to create lab specific emergency response procedures.


Emergency Preparedness Week is also a good time to consider how you would respond to an emergency at home. In an emergency, being prepared is a key component of positive outcomes.

Information on how to prepare your family for an emergency is available at the following links:

• Emergency Management Ontario
• Get Prepared
• Environment Canada Weather Office 
• Canadian Red Cross 
• St. John Ambulance 
• The Salvation Army