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Queen’s Research Opportunities Funds competition now open

The next Queen’s Research Opportunities Funds (QROF) competition has been launched. Open to Queen’s researchers and scholars, the QROF provides funding to accelerate their programs and achieve research goals, and offers opportunities to leverage external funding to build on areas of institutional research strength.

“The QROF represents our most significant internal investment in supporting research excellence at Queen’s,” says Kimberly Woodhouse, Interim Vice-Principal (Research). “Since its inception, QROF has supported a broad range of projects, spanning all disciplines, and also enables our researchers and scholars to expand external partnerships.”

The QROF is comprised of four funds:

  • The Research Leaders’ Fund – for strategic institutional commitments to aspirational research in support of the university’s research strengths and priorities
  • The International Fund – to assist in augmenting the university’s international reputation through increased global engagement
  • The Arts Fund – designed to support artists and their contributions to the scholarly community and to advancing Queen’s University
  • The Post-Doctoral Fund – to both attract outstanding post-doctoral fellows to Queen’s and to support their contributions to research and to the university.

Letters of intent are now being accepted for the Research Leaders’ and International Funds (deadline Saturday, Dec. 15), and successful candidates will be invited to submit full applications. Application forms are also available for those interested in applying to the Arts (deadline Friday, March 1) and Post-Doctoral (deadline Wednesday, Jan. 30) funds. Information on each of the funds and the application process can be found on the Vice-Principal (Research) website. For more information, email ferrism@queensu.ca.

In the 2017-18 competition, 17 Queen’s faculty members received funding under the QROF program, which were previously highlighted in the Gazette.