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Queen's Centre steam and water shutdowns scheduled for Nov. 22/23

The following shutdowns are scheduled for the Queen’s Centre overnight Thursday, Nov, 22  to Friday, Nov. 23:

  1. Steam service to the Queen’s Centre will be shut down from 10 pm on Thursday Nov. 22 until midnight to permit Physical Plant Services to repair three drip legs on the steam /condensate system. Steam is expected to be fully restored by midnight. During the shutdown period, there will be no new steam production for domestic hot water, heating systems, commercial kitchens and steam-reliant equipment within the Queen’s Centre. The reserve in the domestic hot water tanks is expected to sustain any demand for hand washing and showers while work is in progress and the domestic cold water supply will be maintained at all times. There will be no impact to the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies.
  2. Water service will be shut down to the Queen’s Centre on Friday Nov. 23 between 1 am and 5:30 am to permit Physical Plant Services to repair toilets, sinks and showers in the men’s washrooms and change rooms.During the shutdown period, there will be no water available in both the Student Life Centre and the Athletics and Recreation Centre for flushing toilets, hand washing, showers, eye wash stations or commercial kitchen use. There will be no impact to the building’s fire sprinkler system as it has a separate water feed.

For more information, please contact Fixit by phone at ext. 77301 or by email.