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    Recognizing top researchers

    Queen’s University receives $2.1 million in funding from SSHRC.

    Twenty-two Queen’s University researchers have received $2.1 million in research funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Insight program. The goal of the Insight program is to build knowledge and understanding about people, societies and the world by supporting research excellence.

    Queen’s recipients are:
    Insight Grants
    Chris Bongie - $68,499
    Allen Head - $140,759
    Cathleen Hoeniger - $58,850
    Alice Hovorka - $252,863
    Fiona Kay - $168,079
    Ceren Kolsarici - $110,965
    Rachel Laforest - $117,387
    Katherine McKittrick - $159,709
    Elaine Power - $180,551
    Matthew Reeve - $68,721
    Darryl Robinson - $91,324
    Hongfei Sun - $113,845
    Veikko Thiele - $90,518

    Insight Development Grants
    Brant Abbott - $66,022
    Julia Brook - $63,739
    Jacob Brower - $40,540
    Paul Calluzzo - $59,480
    Anthony Goerzen - $54,150
    Yu Hou - $66,030
    Sharday Mosurinjohn - $21,165
    Fabio Moneta - $52,916
    Grégoire Webber - $58,181

    “Insight grants are aimed at supporting influential research projects that tackle various societal challenges and offer progressive solutions with cultural, social, and economic benefits,” says Dr. Steven Liss, Vice Principal (Research). “This funding is a testament to our researchers’ vibrant, innovative thinking and their creative, leading-edge research projects.”

    Insight Grant funding supports long-term research initiatives for both emerging and established scholars. Successful recipients include:

    Alice Hovorka (Geography and Planning, $252,863) - Dr. Hovorka is studying animal governance strategies - including conservation - to better understand human-animal relations.

    Fiona Kay (Sociology, $168,079) - Dr. Kay’s research focuses on employment transitions among professionals late in their careers with a focus on women’s attrition from the legal profession.

    Elaine Power (School of Kinesiology and Health Studies, $180,551) - Dr. Power is studying how Canadian municipalities can enhance the right to food for their citizens.

    Insight Development Grants support research in its initial stages. Successful recipients include:

    Brant Abbott (Economics, $66,022) - Dr. Abbott is studying how much of the uncertainty a person faces with respect to their future lifetime income is due to the diverse effects of the growth process as opposed to other factors, such as changes in health status.

    Yu Hou (School of Business, $66,030) - Dr. Hou is investigating audit office switches within the same audit firms which could lead to more favourable audit opinions.

    For more information about the Insight program, visit the website.