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For the Record: Nov. 1, 2018

For the Record provides postings of appointment, committee, grant, award, and other notices set out by collective agreements and university policies and processes. It is the university’s primary vehicle for sharing this information with our community.

The next issue of For the Record will be published Thursday, Nov. 15. The deadline for submitting information is Tuesday, Nov. 13. For the Record is published bi-weekly throughout the academic year and monthly during the summer.

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Professor Carolyn Small Engineering Education Innovator Award

The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science is seeking nominations for the Professor Carolyn Small Engineering Education Innovator Award, a one-time award presented to pre-tenure faculty members in recognition of the 125th anniversary of the Faculty. The award bears the name of the first woman graduate (BSc ’73) of the Faculty to be appointed as a faculty member. Professor Small joined the Mechanical Engineering/Clinical Mechanics group in 1987. The award recognizes outstanding educational innovation in the Faculty that positively influences the teaching practices of other instructors as well as the learning of engineering students. Faculty may be nominated for innovation in many forms: in the classroom, online, project-based activity, experiential learning, developing student support programs, educational leadership, and/or curriculum development. The nomination letter should describe the activity of the nominee, the impact it has had on students, and the impact it has had on other instructors at Queen’s. Support letters, and evidence of impact are encouraged but the entire nomination should be fewer than eight pages.

All tenure-track, but not-yet tenured, members of the FEAS Faculty Board are eligible and may be nominated by other faculty members. The nomination should be sent by email to Eng.DeanAcad.Admin@queensu.ca by Nov. 30, 2018. The award will be adjudicated by a committee of faculty members selected by the Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) with a strong track record of excellence in education. The committee may bestow this award on more than one faculty member.

Winners of the award will be invited to present a plenary talk about their educational practices as part of the 125th anniversary celebrations. They will also receive a grant of $15,000 to be used to support activity relevant to the award, e.g. curriculum development, travel to engineering education or higher education conferences, relevant workshops, educational research, or course development. Winners will also receive a free, one-year membership in the Canadian Engineering Education Association, and will be listed on the faculty webpage. The award will be formally acknowledged at Faculty Board.


Job Title: Instructional Design Assistant USW Local 2010)
Department: Department of Continuing Distance Studies
Competition: J0218-0045
Successful Candidate: Julia Savage, Derek Fenlon

Job Title: Business Relationship Manager (USW Local 2010)
Department: Smith School of Business, Career Advancement Centre
Competition: J0918-0177
Successful Candidate: Lora Sprigings (Smith School of Business, Career Advancement Centre)

Job Title: Director of Alumni Engagement
Department: Smith School of Business
Competition: J0918-0210
Successful Candidate: Jessica Duggan (Dean's Office, Smith School of Business)

Job Title: Non-Academic Misconduct Intake Coordinator (USW Local 2010)
Department: Department of Support Services & Community Engagement
Competition: J0818-0162
Successful Candidate: Tracy Bowes (Faculty of Law)

Job Title: Manager, Investment Operations
Department: Department of Investment Services
Competition: J0618-1110
Successful Candidate: Ryan Curzon

Job Title: Research Technician
Department: Biomedical and Molecular Science
Competition: J0918-0653
Successful Candidate: Daniel Potvin

Job Title: Leadership, SIG's and Commemorative Giving Program Manager
Department: Department of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving
Competition: J0818-0292
Successful Candidate: Michelle Pruefer (Advancement Development)

Job Title: Coordinator, Peer Programs (USW Local 2010)
Department: Student Experience Office
Competition: J0618-0475
Successful Candidate: Gabriela Ludusan

Job Title: Business Analysis Officer, Alumni Relations and Annual Giving (USW Local 2010)
Department: Office of Advancement, Department of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving
Competition: J0818-0287
Successful Candidate: Khalif Savji (Office of Advancement, Development)

Job Title: Administrative Assistant
Department: Family Medicine
Competition: J0818-0418
Successful Candidate: Tammy Parr (Family Medicine)

Job Title: Coordinator, Learning Technologies & IT Client Support (USW Local 2010)
Department: Faculty of Education
Competition: J0618-0475
Successful Candidate: Ziyad Muslat

Job Title: Business Analyst, Gift Planning (USW Local 2010)
Department: Development, Gift Planning Unit
Competition: J0918-0947
Successful Candidate: Melanie Fortner (Development, Gift Planning Unit)

Job Title: Stewardship Officer, Communications & Engagement (USW Local 2010)
Department: Development, Office of Advancement
Competition: J0918-0976
Successful Candidate: Colleen McGuire (Advancement, Athletics & Recreation)

Job Title: Gift Administrator (USW Local 2010)
Department: Advancement Services, Gift Services Unit
Competition: J0918-1066
Successful Candidate: Lauren Moloney (Advancement Services, Gift Services Unit)

Job Title: Human Resources Client Service Manager
Department: Human Resources
Competition: J0618-0775
Successful Candidate: Heather Kennedy