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For the Record: Sept. 4, 2014


Promotion/Renewal/Tenure/Continuing Appointment 2014


Amy Acker, Paediatrics
Joan Almost, School of Nursing
Ian Ball, Emergency Medicine
Michael Blennerhassett, Medicine
Michele Boyd, Psychiatry
Jacob Brower, Business
Patricia Collins, Urban and Regional Planning
Damon Dagnone, Emergency Medicine
Kenneth Edwards, Emergency Medicine
Jay Engel, Surgery and Oncology
Julie-Ann Francis, Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Christina Godfrey, School of Nursing
Richard Henry, Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine
Rachel Holden, Medicine
Felicia Iftene, Psychiatry
Eduard Iliescu, Medicine
Melanie Jaeger, Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine
Albert Jin, Medicine
Cherie Jones-Hiscock, Psychiatry
Dusan Kolar, Psychiatry
James Landine, Emergency Medicine
Xiang Li, Chemical Engineering
Jennifer MacKenzie, Paediatrics
Marosh Manduch, Pathology and Molecular Medicine
David Mark, Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine
Jorge Martinez-Cajas, Medicine
Catherine McLellan, Medicine
David Messenger, Emergency Medicine
Ryan Mulligan, Civil Engineering
Pallavi Nadkarni, Psychiatry
Romy Nitsch, Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Terrence O'™Brien, Emergency Medicine
Giovanna Pari, Medicine
Darrin Payne, Surgery
Jamie Pyper, Education
Armita Rahmani, Emergency Medicine
Michael Rauh, Pathology and Molecular Medicine      
Mark Ropeleski, Medicine
David Ruggles, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Fraser Saunders, Surgery
Allison Spiller, Medicine
Yi Ning Strube, Ophthalmology
Devin Sydor, Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine
David Taylor, Medicine
Sean Taylor, Medicine
Richard Thomas, Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Raymond Viola, Medicine
Rosemary Wilson, School of Nursing
Brent Wolfrom, Family Medicine
Kevin Woo, School of Nursing
Gavin Wood, Surgery
Karen Yeates, Medicine

Reappointment and Promotion to Associate Professor

Bingshu Chen, Public Health Sciences

Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor

Kevin Banks, Law
Serban Belinschi, Mathematics and Statistics
Gunnar Blohm, Biomedical and Molecular Sciences and Psychology
Benjamin Bolden, Education
Amitava Chowdhury, History
Cheryl Cline, Medicine
Ryan Danby, Geography and Environmental Studies
Wenyu Jiang, Mathematics and Statistics
Benjamin Kutsyuruba, Education
Qingguo Li, Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Chunfang (Devon) Lin, Mathematics and Statistics
Christopher Miners, Business
Nicholas Mosey, Chemistry
Lucie Pelland, School of Rehabilitation Therapy
Kyra Pyke, Kinesiology and Health Studies
Hongfei (Amy) Sun, Economics 
Chandrakant Tayade, Biomedical and Molecular Sciences
Marie-Louise Viero, Economics
Molly Wallace, English Language and Literature  
Wei Wang, Business


Adrian Baranchuk, Medicine
Darren Beiko, Urology
Anne Ellis, Medicine
Michael Green, Family Medicine
Sarosh Khalid-Khan, Psychiatry
Michel Melanson, Medicine
Kenneth Reid, Surgery

Promotion to Assistant Professor

Barry Cross, Business
Meg McQueen, Psychiatry

Promotion to Associate Professor

Daniel Borschneck, Surgery
Penelope Bradbury, Oncology
Steven Brooks, Emergency Medicine
Catherine Donnelly, School of Rehabilitation Therapy
Roy Ilan, Medicine
Melanie Jaeger, Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine
Maha Othman, Biomedical and Molecular Sciences
Ana Siljak, History

Continuing Appointment and Promotion to Associate Librarian

Leslie Taylor, Library

Promotion to Professor

Alireza Bakhshai, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rob Beamish, Sociology
David Berman, Pathology and Molecular Medicine
Natalie Cann, Chemistry
Pascale Champagne, Civil Engineering
Ian Chin-Sang, Biology
Il-Min Kim, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Samantha King, School of Kinesiology and Health Studies 
Neil Magoski, Biomedical and Molecular Sciences
Laura Murray, English Language and Literature
John Muscedere, Medicine
Helene Ouellette-Kuntz, Public Health Sciences
Paul Peng, Public Health Sciences
Jon Pharoah, Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Caroline Pukall, Psychology


Provost to establish Health Sciences advisory committee

Richard Reznick's term as dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences ends on June 30, 2015. Dr. Reznick has indicated that he would consider a further term as dean should it be the wish of the university community. In accordance with the procedures established by Senate, an advisory committee chaired by Alan Harrison, Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic), will be established to advise the principal on the present state and future prospects of the Faculty of Health Sciences and on the selection of the dean.

Members of the university community are invited to suggest individuals who might serve on the advisory committee, and to submit letters with commentary on the present state and future prospects of the Faculty of Health Sciences and the deanship. Respondents are asked to indicate whether they wish to have their letters shown, in confidence, to the members of the advisory committee.

Letters and advisory committee member suggestions should be submitted to Alan Harrison, Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic), via kim.bain@queensu.ca by Friday, Sept. 19.

Successful Candidates

Job Title: Laboratory Technician 
Department: Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences 
Competition: 2014-214 
Successful Candidate: Rachel Klinoski (Cancer Biology and Genetics)

Job Title: Administrative Assistant to Department Head 
Department: Department of Medicine 
Competition: 2014-209 
Successful Candidate: Jill McCreary (Department of Family Medicine)

Job Title: Ethics Compliance Advisor 
Department: University Research Services 
Competition: 2014-103 
Successful Candidate: Jennifer Couture (NCIC --“ Clinical Trials Group)

Job Title: Research Secretary 
Department: Centre for Neuroscience Studies 
Competition: 2014-R021 
Successful Candidate: Dayna Scott

Job Title: Administrative Assistant, Development 
Department: Office of Advancement 
Competition: 2014-178 
Successful Candidate: Lenore Klein

Job Title: Research Technologist 
Department: Human Mobility Research Centre 
Competition: 2014-R011 
Successful Candidate: Greg Esau

Job Title: Senior Business Analyst 
Department: Information Technology Services
Competition: 2014-180 
Successful Candidate: Jim Simpson

Job Title: Recruitment and Admissions Manager 
Department: Faculty of Law 
Competition: 2014-207 
Successful Candidate: Aimee Burtch (Faculty of Law)

Job Title: Program Associate 
Department: Chemical Engineering 
Competition: 2014-211 
Successful Candidate: Justine Chin-Cheong

Job Title: Director, Queen's Family Law Clinic 
Department: Faculty of Law 
Competition: 2014-195 
Successful Candidate: Karla McGrath

Job Title: Technical Support Analyst 
Department: Faculty of Education 
Competition: 2014-198 
Successful Candidate: WITHDRAWN