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    Senate in Brief

    Highlights from the November 3 meeting of Senate

    Consent Agenda

    Senate received:

    Principal’s report

    In addition to his written report and schedule highlights, Principal Daniel Woolf provided the following updates:

    • Queen’s hosted a successful homecoming in October, including another successful ReUnion Street Festival organized by the AMS
    • The call for proposals for the Principal’s Dream Courses program is now out and the deadline is February 15, 2016
    • The review of the non-academic misconduct system is currently underway. The advisory committee began its consultations recently at the AMS Assembly. The committee will meet with many other stakeholder groups over the coming weeks
    • The Principal’s Advisory Committee on Divestment: Fossil Fuels had delivered its recommendations to the Principal, after receiving more than 220 submissions during its consultation with the Queen’s community. The Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees will make the final decision.
    • Queen’s held its position as fourth overall in the Maclean’s rankings medical-doctoral category, while leading in terms of student satisfaction.
    • Queen’s is opening Smith House, one of its two new residences in November

    Provost’s report

    In addition to his written report, Provost Alan Harrison provided the following updates:

    • Following the release of an action plan on sexual violence and harassment this past spring, the province has now tabled the Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan Act.
    • The proposed legislation includes requirements such as having a stand-alone sexual violence policy and reporting incidents of sexual violence. Queen’s already has an initial draft of a Sexual Misconduct Policy and is working to ensure that it meets the requirements of the proposed legislation.
    • Martha Whitehead’s term as Vice-Provost and University Librarian ends on June 30, 2016, and she has indicated that she would consider a further term. In accordance with the procedures established by Senate, an advisory committee will be established to advise the on the present state and future prospects of the Library and on the selection of the Vice-Provost and University Librarian.

    Board of Trustees Report

    Senate received a report from the Board of Trustees.

    Committee Motions and Reports

    Senate approved:

    Senate received and held a consultation session regarding:

    Reports of Faculties and Schools

    Senate received:

    Question Period

    The Provost provided written response to questions on BISC enrolment targets, and the 2014/15 financial statements. Principal Woolf provided a written response to a question regarding hiring processes and anti-racism training.


    Senate received an announcement of the launch of the eCampus Ontario portal.