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    Tips for staying productive and motivated while working remotely

    Queen’s Human Resources offers advice for staying productive and motivated while working remotely.

    Here are a few tips and strategies for those working from home.

    Tip # 1: Create or Continue your Routines

    Establish morning routines to be at your home work station for a certain time, take time away from your computer for lunch or snack breaks, and establish a shut-down routine at the end of the day to close out your work.

    Set goals and objectives for your day that are reasonable and achievable while maintaining productivity throughout the workday.

    Tip # 2: Create a Positive Workspace 

    If you have space in your home, set up a space that is just for work. Select an area that provides you with a suitable workspace and access to natural light, avoiding the bedroom or high traffic areas if possible. 

    Tip # 3: Dress for Success

    Get dressed for work. Business attire not required, but simply changing out of your PJs can help to keep to your normal work routines and put you in ‘work mode’ so you are ready to take on the day!

    Tip # 4: Get up and Move

    Schedule work breaks throughout the day. Good short energy breaks consist of getting up and moving around physically…not just switching your screen to funny YouTube videos.  Longer breaks would include getting lunch or getting outside for a walk (while maintaining healthy social distancing!). Our brain tends to perform better when we have concentrated focus time, followed by healthy active breaks. 

    Tip # 5: Eating and Hydration

    Maintain healthy eating patterns and drink plenty of water. Avoid high sugar snacks and beverages to avoid swings in mood and energy levels.

    Tip # 6: Stay Visually Connected…With People 

    Maintain communication with your colleagues throughout the day. If you have meetings with work colleagues, connect via a video platform like Microsoft Teams. This will help you to stay engaged during the meeting and provides positive social connections that may be otherwise hard to get during this time.

    Tip # 7: Mental Health and Wellness

    If you start feeling overwhelmed or isolated, engage with your personal and professional support networks. Take mental health breaks, avoid watching or reading pandemic headlines and social media posts during your free time, take care of your body, stretch and exercise, practice mindfulness and ensure you are getting plenty of rest and sleep.

    In times of emotional distress, our Employee Family and Assistance Program (EFAP) is here to help, with staff from Homewood Health prepared to take your call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Help is always available. To learn more, call the Homewood Health line (1.800.663.1142 or 1.866.398.9505 (Numéro sans frais - en français)) or visit the following link: http://www.queensu.ca/humanresources/wellness-accessibility/employee-and-family-assistanceprogram