University working to support those affected by invasion of Ukraine

University working to support those affected by invasion of Ukraine

Queen’s aiding displaced persons, students, academics, and others impacted by Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

By Dave Rideout

March 4, 2022


Flag of Ukraine raised on Queen's University Campus.
The flag of Ukraine has been raised outside the John Deutsch University Centre in solidarity with those impacted by the conflict.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has spurred humanitarian, economic, and political consequences across the world. Principal and Vice-Chancellor Patrick Deane condemned Russia’s actions in a recent statement, and the university has been working to support those affected by the conflict.

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is cause for great concern for the international community,” says Principal Deane, who also expressed Queen’s solidarity with post-secondary institutions in the region. “As an institution of higher learning dedicated to humanity’s free pursuit of knowledge and truth, Queen’s stands in opposition to this act of aggression, and we are committed to assisting, in whatever ways we can, those who have been affected by these tragic events.”

The university has taken several measures to support campus community members impacted by this crisis. Students — particularly those from Ukraine and Russia, as well as those with connections to the region — are being contacted to extend assistance, and communications to the whole student body are highlighting supports available through the Office of the Registrar, Student Wellness Services (SWS)Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC)Faith and Spiritual Life, and other units. 

QUIC and SWS are assisting affected students with individualized counselling, immigration advice, and group supports. Currently, Queen’s has no students participating in exchange programs in Ukraine or Russia, however university outreach continues to those in the region.

Teams are also working with international partners to explore ways to aid potential refugee students and academics from Ukraine, for whom the university has systems in place to provide financial assistance and admission pathways. The Office of the Registrar is also working with students who may have had funding affected by economic turmoil to ensure they have access to emergency bursary support.

“Queen’s has a long history of supporting refugees, displaced people, and those fleeing conflict,” says Sandra den Otter, Vice-Provost (International). “Queen’s is now aiming to partner with other Canadian universities and other national and international partners to do our part to support those who have been displaced or impacted by the war in Ukraine.”

The university has raised the flag of Ukraine outside of the John Deutsch University Centre (JDUC) as a show of solidarity and continues to actively connect faculty research experts with media outlets so their expertise can help advance the world’s understanding of this alarming situation as it develops. 

The university will be making further announcements next week.