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UPDATE Brief water service interruptions for Clark Hall on May 28

UPDATE>>> Utilities Kingston will not be proceeding with the replacement of water meters in Jeffery Hall and Miller Hall due to a lack of available meters in their inventory; however, the meter replacement associated water interruption at Clark Hall will proceed as noted below.


Utilities Kingston is scheduled to replace water meters in a few buildings during the week of May 28. Water service will be interrupted for approximately 30-90 minutes while work is in progress as follows:

  • Clark Hall – Monday, May 28 (approximate start time is 10 am)

During the water service interruption, there will not be any domestic water available for hand washing, flushing toilets, kitchen or lab use (equipment, safety showers and eye wash stations). In addition, the fire suppression system in Clark Hall will not have any water, so Physical Plant Services will be conducting a fire watch until water service is restored.

Special Notes:

  • If anyone in Clark Hall encounters smoke or fire during the shutdown period, they should activate the nearest fire alarm pull station and then evacuate the building immediately according to established fire safety plans.
  • Occupants and visitors should be directed to nearby buildings for washrooms while work is in progress.

For more information, please contact Fixit at ext. 77301 or by email.