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Utility water interruption for Beamish-Munro Hall, Douglas Library, Goodwin Hall, Gordon Hall, and Walter Light Hall starting Sept. 7 at 5 pm

A planned utility water service interruption is scheduled for following buildings beginning on Thursday, Sept. 7 at 5 pm and extending to Friday, Sept. 8 at 5 am (approximate timing) while Corcorcan Excavating Ltd., working on behalf of Utilities Kingston, continues work to remove a 16” gate water valve under Union Street (between Division Street and Arch Street) and replace it with a new valve:

  • Beamish-Munro Hall
  • Douglas Library
  • Goodwin Hall
  • Gordon Hall
  • Walter Light Hall
  • Ellis Don Construction Trailer

Special notes relating to service interruption for above-referenced buildings:

  1. There will not be domestic water for flushing toilets, hand washing, safety showers, eye wash stations, lab equipment or kitchen use, etc. Please plan operational activities accordingly.
  2. The sprinkler system for each building will be impaired, so a fire watch will be in effect for each building. The fire watch permits continued occupancy of each building while work is in progress. If fire or smoke conditions are discovered, please proceed to the nearest fire alarm pull station, pull the alarm to activate the fire bells and then evacuate the building via the nearest safe exit – do not use the elevator – and go to your designated meeting location as per your departmental fire plan.
  3. Occupants should be re-directed to nearby buildings (e.g. Dupuis Hall or John Deutsch University Centre) for washroom facilities and drinking fountains.
  4. There will be no cooling available in Beamish-Munro Hall (as well as portions of Dupuis Hall and Goodwin Hall) or Douglas Library.
  5. Union Street will be reduced to one lane between Division Street and Arch Street.

Once water service is restored, there may be discolouration or air in your water when a tap is first opened following the service interruption. This is quite normal and is an aesthetic problem only; it does not present a safety concern. Run your water for several minutes before using it and the problem should quickly remedy itself. It is best to perform this initial flushing at a tap that is not equipped with a mesh strainer in order to avoid a possible fouling of the strainer.

For more information, please contact Aimee Austin, Communications Coordinator (Corcoran Excavating Ltd.), at 613-876-7900.