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Work continues at Kingston Hall and Theological Hall

Theological Hall

Activity associated with the stonework restoration continues at Theological Hall. The scaffolding that is currently erected around the building will be removed by Sept. 4, so there will be no scaffolding around this building during Orientation Week. Mobile equipment (e.g. boom lift) will be used for any outstanding work in the weeks after Sept. 14.

Kingston Hall

Contractors will be removing the scaffolding from the east side of Kingston Hall and installing it on the west side of the building beginning late on Aug. 18 or early on Aug. 19. This installation is expected to take approximately two days.

The southwest accessible door will remain available while the work is in progress; however, building occupants and visitors (including camp leaders and campers) should continue to use the south main entrance of Kingston Hall as the primary point of entry/exit until this project work is completed.

Note: The scaffolding on the north side of the building will be removed by Sept. 4, so the only scaffolding to be in place during Orientation Week will be in a secure area on the west side of the building.

The contractors may continue to secure equipment and/or supplies nearby to Kingston Hall and Theological Hall using construction hoarding until work at both buildings is completed.  

Any questions or concerns regarding current projects on campus should be directed to Fixit by phone at extension 77301 or by e-mail.