Department of Geography and Planning

Department of Geography and Planning
Department of Geography and Planning

Explore Staff

Caroline Birch - Director

Photo of Caroline on a winter day at the lake with clouds in the sky

Caroline is an enthusiastic and adventurous third year ConEd (Geography-Psychology) student who is thrilled to be exploring Kingston during her first summer with Explore! Camp songs and Zumba are her go-to but she’s is also an undefeated ‘Huckle Buckle’ champion looking forward to (hopefully!) meeting her match this summer! When she’s not at camp you can catch her at the market on Saturday mornings, biking, nature-walking, swimming in the lake or, reading in a hammock.

Favourite Food: Mom's homemade pizza

Favourite Place Visited: Kilema, Tanzania

Dream Job: Urban and Regional Planner or Teacher - still deciding!

Kali Robinson - Assistant Counselor and Supplies Coordinator

Kali Robinson walking on a tree-lined path in the summer

Kali is a cheerful and eager third year ConEd (Global Development-Religion) student who is looking forward to spending her first summer in Kingston with Explore! She enjoys playing recreational sports and hopping on the Wolfe Island Ferry for a day of exploring the Island. Kali is looking forward to the arts and crafts and super fun field trips at camp this summer! When she’s not at camp she can be found going for walks along the Lake Ontario shoreline, singing throwback songs, exploring more of Kingston, or reading a good book in the backyard!

Favourite Food: Grandma's pierogi casserole

Favourite Place Visited: Rome

Dream Job: An elementary school teacher or an international development worker!


Abigail Falvey - Special Needs and Workshops Coordinator

Photo of Abigail Falvey walking through a park on a fall day

Abigail is a creative third year Con-Ed student studying geography and biology, and is so excited for her first year with Explore. Her bubbly personality and outgoing attitude allow her to easily adapt to situations and light up rooms with enthusiasm. She is passionate about sustainability, feminism, and bees, and in her spare time, she can be found water-coloring, cooking, or gardening. Abigail is originally from Halifax, NS, and can't wait to spend her summer next to the lake instead of the ocean in Kingston this year with Explore!

Favourite food: French Fries

Favourite place visited: Bermuda

Dream job: Intermediate teacher or urban planner


Ray Chiasson - Media and Field Trips Coordinator

Photo of Ray Chiasson outdoors on a cool day with a mountain in the background
Ray is a 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering student who is excited for his first year with Explore! He has an interest for thrill and the outdoors. He loves to longboard, cycle and is always taking time to enjoy the wind through his hair. He is a jack of all trades when it comes to hobbies which include, but are not limited to, dance, acapella, snowboarding and drumming. Ray is looking forward to planning exciting adventures for the Explore campers this summer!

​Favourite food: Buffalo Wings

Favourite place visited: Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

Dream job: Automotive designer


Andrew Crawford - Promotions and Fundraising Coordinator

Andrew Crawford on a summer day with the mountains behind him and blue sky with white clouds above
Andrew is a curious third-year Concurrent Education (History-Geography) student ready to spend his first summer at Explore! When's he's not looking out at the stars, Andrew travels the globe on his quest to visit and hike every last National Park. He loves to launch his own model rockets, and sends his dreams to space painted and designed by his own hands. After teaching campers so much about space for the last 5 years, Andrew is happy to get back on the ground and have some fun with Explore this year!

Favourite food: Pasta, All Day Every Day

Favourite place visited: Monument Valley, Utah, USA

Dream job: Archaeologist