Department of Geography and Planning

Department of Geography and Planning
Department of Geography and Planning

Panel & Keynote Address

Evening Plenary Panel Discussion — 6:30pm-7:30pm on Friday, October 20th, 2017
Geography (and planning) for the 21st century:  Addressing equity, diversity and inclusivity

This session moderated by Dr. Warren Mabee will help set the tone of CAGONT 2017 by addressing various geographical topics and issues facing geographers in a complex world from a variety of perspectives including human geography, physical geography, planning, and others. 


Dr. Warren Mabee headshot

Dr. Warren Mabee, Professor and Head of the Department of Geography and Planning. Dr. Mabee is Canada Research Chair in Renewable Energy and Development and Director of the Queen’s Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy. Dr. Mabee’s research interests include renewable energy development and implementation, agricultural and forest bioenergy, environmental and energy policy, and renewable energy mapping. 


Panel participants include:

Dr. Leela Viswanathan headshot

Dr. Leela Viswanathan MCIP, RPP: Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and Planning who teaches topics about social planning, planning history, qualitative research methods, and urban geography. She is co-editor with Dr. Scott L. Morgensen of the Journal of Critical Race Studies. Her professional expertise in social policy, integrated comprehensive planning approaches, and community development with diverse populations informs both her teaching and her research. 

Dr. Alice Hovorka headshot

Dr. Alice Hovorka: Professor in the Department of Geography and Planning whose research program broadly explores human-environment relationships and is theoretically informed by feminist, poststructuralist and posthumanist philosophical perspectives. Dr. Horvorka explores issues related to animal geographies, gender and environment, urban geography, and Southern Africa. 

Dr. Beverley Mullings headshot

Dr. Beverley Mullings: Associate Professor and Associate Head, Geography Undergraduate Programs in the Department of Geography and Planning.  Dr. Mullings research focus is located within the field of feminist political economy and engages questions of labour, social transformation, neoliberalism, and the politics of gender, race and class in the Caribbean and its diaspora. Dr. Mullings is broadly interested in the ways that evolving neoliberal regimes are recasting and transforming work, divisions of labour, patterns of urban governance and ultimately, responses to social and economic injustice. 

Dr. Graham Whitelaw headshot

Dr. Graham Whitelaw MCIP, RPP: Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and Planning and has over 20 years of experience in the land use and environmental policy fields, 10 of those with the Land Use Policy Branch, Ontario Ministry of the Environment. He has extensive consulting experience providing services to government and the NGO sector and is an accomplished facilitator bringing innovation to the policy development process through public engagement processes.

Dr. LAura Cameron headshot

Dr. Laura Jean Cameron: Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and Planning.  Dr. Cameron’s research interests include ‘Where is 'nature' and for whom?’  This question is key in her current work on historical geographies of nature which involves the study of cultural encounters between people and places in several interrelated projects: Recording Nature: The Life Geography of William W. H. Gunn [SSHRC Insight Grant 2014-2018, in collaboration with Dr. Matt Rogalsky], Oral/Aural Geographies of Nature: Transnational Ecologies, Anthropogenic Natures: Stories for the Planet as well as Science, Nature and Psychoanalytic Networks. With Professor John Forrester, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge. 


Keynote Address — 1pm-2pm on Saturday, October 21st, 2017
Ten jobs that didn't exist a decade ago and what they mean for Geography

Dr. Audrey Kobayashi headshot
This session will be delivered Dr. Audrey Kobayashi FRSC, Professor in the Department of Geography and Planning and Queen’s Research Chair. Dr. Kobayashi’s research interests revolve around the question of how processes of human differentiation − race, class, gender, ability, national identity − emerge in a range of landscapes that include homes, streets and workplaces. She places strong emphasis on public policy, on the legal and legislative frameworks that enable social change, and on the cultural systems and practices through which normative frameworks for human actions and human relations are developed. Dr. Kobayashi is particularly interested in the public negotiation of these issues. 
In her keynote address Dr. Kobayashi will discuss what geographers can bring to a complex world as she was part of an international team of distinguished editors and authors of: The International Encyclopedia of Geography: People, the Earth, Environment, and Technology