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Awards & Scholarships Deadlines

This listing is simply to provide you with a timeframe for award/scholarship deadlines. 
Please check your e-mail messages from the Graduate Assistant for full details about application procedures for awards and scholarships. 

Award/Scholarship Name Application Link Deadline Information
Departmental SGS Apply Online Directly
Canada Graduate Scholarship- Masters (CGS M) Competition

Guidelines and complete instructions for the 2021-2022 Canada Graduate Scholarships –Master’s (CGS M) competition are now available from this website

The online Canadian Common CV (CCV) and the online “Research Portal” application for the 2021-2022 CGS M competition are accessed from this website.

Clicking on the above links will take you to a website displaying the NSERC banner and logo, but this is the procedure and information for CGS M applications to all three funding agencies: CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC.


Date by which the applicant must submit the complete application using the Research Portal is  BEFORE 8:00 P.M. (ET) on DECEMBER 1, 2020.  

Note: As this deadline date approaches, processing delays may stem from a high volume of users on the Research Portal, which may prevent the timely submission of the application.  Requests to submit late applications will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Canada Graduate Scholarships - Doctoral Program (CGS-D) (for CIHR, NSERC, and SSHRC)

CIHR, NSERCand SSHRC have now harmonized the Canada Graduate Scholarships-Doctoral (CGS-D) funding program.  This is the website for the harmonized CGS-D competition. The harmonized timeline and program description are also shown on this website. 

The website is hosted by NSERC, so NSERC is in the website address.  But this is where all students and programs must go, for information, guidelines and complete instructions about the 2021-22 CGS-D competition. 

There is NOT one harmonized CGS-D application.  Each agency has its own CGS-D application and application portal.  The applications are located as follows:




(Please note that NSERC has a transcript deadline of October 8, 2020)

Conference Travel Awards Application Form (Word, 34kB)
Call for applications is only sent out twice a year – September for Fall term conferences and February for Winter and Summer term conferences. You must be presenting in order to be considered for an award. Even if you think you will be applying to present at a conference be sure to submit your application and supporting documents by appropriate deadline. Students may apply for this funding once during the academic year.
Claim Form (Word, 34kB)

October 23, 2020 for Fall term, and March 2, 2021 for Winter and Summer Terms



Graduate Dean's Doctoral Field Travel Grant

Special note for 2020-2021 Competition: COVID-19 implications
Queen’s University has suspended all university-sponsored travel outside of Canada indefinitely. The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) is running this annual competition as usual in the hopes that students successful in the competition will be able to carry out their research and travel plans at some point in 2021, including international travel plans.  However students must be aware that it may not be possible to travel for research purposes, even within Canada, due to COVID -19 related restrictions.  Students are responsible for remaining informed about all relevant restrictions. 

The Graduate Dean's Travel Grants for Doctoral Field Research contribute to travel expenses for field research that is central to the doctoral dissertation and that must be carried out at a considerable distance from Queen's University.  Applications for field research undertaken in Ontario in locations in remote areas or when the nature of the fieldwork requires the student to be away for long periods of time, will also be considered. Applications to attend conferences, workshops or courses will not be supported under this program.  The maximum single award is $3000 and the maximum funding that a student may receive during the doctoral program is $3000. Note that the Graduate Fellowship Committee (or designated subcommittee) will determine the value of the award, based on the budget presented in the application, and the award value may be less than $3000 in some cases.

It should be clear from the application that the proposed fieldwork is feasible within the time and budget available.  Funds are provided to contribute to the costs of travel and subsistence (accommodation plus meals) in accordance with University regulations. An effort should be made to determine specific costs for budgeted items.   If the fieldwork involves obtaining access to specific resources such as materials in private collections, government records, research laboratories or personal interviews, evidence must be provided that arrangements have been made for such access.  

Applications are assessed based on academic merit, on the centrality of the fieldwork to the thesis research, the coherence of the proposal, financial need if that is determinable, and the departmental ranking. 

Any research project that involves human subjects must receive ethics approval from one of the university’s Ethics Board prior to the start of the project.  Health Sciences students receive ethics approval from the Health Sciences Research Ethics Board.  Non-health sciences students receive ethics approval from the General Research Ethics Board.  

Recipients of this funding might be contacted by the School of Graduate Studies or other units at Queen’s University, for the purposes of discussing their proposed research for a news story or website profile.  The names and Queen’s email addresses of recipients of this funding will be provided upon request to the relevant Queen’s staff members for this purpose.  


i.    Any student who plans to travel for research purposes, or who has travelled for research purposes, any time between November 1, 2020 and October 31, 2021, is eligible to apply to this competition. 
ii.    Students must complete their comprehensive examination requirement (or equivalent requirements in student’s department/program) before taking up the Graduate Dean's Doctoral Field Travel Award (provided i. above is also met). 
iii.    Students who are conducting their research in the North and are eligible to apply to the Canadian Northern Studies Trust scholarship program  are expected to apply for that funding as well as the Graduate Dean's Doctoral Field Travel Award.
iv.    Students must take up their award within 12 months of being notified of receipt of the award.
v.    Students must be registered full time in their Doctoral program during the tenure of the award.
vi.    All applications must be ranked by the home department/program. Unranked applications and/or applications submitted directly to the School of Graduate Studies by the student, will not be considered.

January 4, 2021 is the deadline for students to submit their applications to Amanda Miller.

February 3, 2021

Ontario Graduate Scholarship Apply online through SGS website.

March 1, 2021

April 30, 2021

Ontario Graduate Scholarship for  International Students

International students who are studying in Ontario with a student study permit and who have established a Canadian bank account are eligible to be put forward by their Queen's home Department for an OGS International Award.  Normally, the Department may put ONLY ONE STUDENT forward for this award through the annual internal fellowships competition held in May/June.  Students apply online through the SGS website.

March 1, 2021
GRAD STAFF DEADLINE:  PENDING but expected to be early May 2021.  
Ontario Graduate Scholarship for Indigenous Students Indigenous domestic students who are studying in Ontario are eligible to be put forward by their Queen's home Department for an OGS Indigenous Award.  In order to be considered for this award, the applicant must have self-identified by checking the relevant box in the online OGS application. Normally, the Department may put ONLY ONE STUDENT forward for this award through the annual internal fellowships competition held in May/June. Students apply online through the SGS website. STUDENT DEADLINE:
March 1, 2021 
GRAD STAFF DEADLINE:  PENDING but expected to be early May 2021.  
Thesis Completion Funding (TCF)

The funding is to provide financial assistance to Ph.D. students who are in the final stages of writing their theses. The goal is to have students who receive TCF complete their program during the time they are holding TCF.

ONLY FULL-TIME Ph.D. STUDENTS who are in the 5th year of their program (for the tenure term of the funding) are eligible. Under the SGS terms of accepting this funding, the recipient of the funding cannot hold Teaching Assistantships, Teaching Fellowships, or Research Assistantships during the period of the funding.  Students who receive TCF are not eligible to receive any subsequent awards from the SGS, including QGA.

Funding will be allocated based on:

i.              the viability of the plan for completing the thesis and degree program within the tenure term of the funding;

ii.            academic merit;

iii.           the financial need of the student; a full-time student in 5th year who is eligible for this funding (i.e., not holding a TA, TF or RA and not exceeding the ten hours per week (average) of work rule for full-time status) is determined by the Department to be in financial need.



October 9, 2020 is the deadline to submit hard copies of your application to Amanda.
Trudeau Foundation 2020 Doctoral Scholarship

REVISED PROCESS: There is no longer an internal application deadline or selection process: students are to apply directly to the Trudeau Foundation, using their online application for that purpose.

INFORMATION FOR APPLICANTS AND APPLICATION SITE: Details on eligibility requirements, and a link to the online application, can be found here:  Note that all materials are available in French (and other languages from the website.

DEADLINE:  the deadline for students to apply directly to the Foundation for this competition is  January 5, 2021.


L’équipe des programmes de leadership ■ The Leadership Programs team  

La Fondation Pierre Elliott Trudeau ■ The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation  
600 – 1980, rue Sherbrooke Ouest 
Montréal (Québec) Canada  H3H 1E8 
T. +1 (514) 938-0001 #231 


Online application deadline -  
January 5, 2021.
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS) program is designed to attract and retain world-class doctoral students by offering them a significant financial award to assist them during their studies at Canadian universities.

Please reading the following closely and note the deadline of this important doctoral scholarship competition

Details of the 2021-2022 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Competition are online here:
The deadline for complete applications to be submitted via ResearchNet, and for transcripts of applicants to be received by SGS, is OCTOBER 6, 2020 by 4:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. 

The deadline for Referees Assessment to be submitted via ReseachNet is set for two days (48 hours) before the university's deadline. However, applicants can now adjust this to any date prior to the university’s deadline. It is the applicant's responsibility to follow up with referees to ensure the assessments are submitted in enough time prior to the applicant’s deadline.


for complete applications to be submitted via ResearchNet, and for transcripts of applicants to be received by the School of Graduate Studies, is 4:00 p.m. EST on  October 6, 2020.