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Department of Geography and Planning
Department of Geography and Planning
Portrait of Harry McCaughey.

Harry McCaughey

Professor Emeritus

I received my B.Sc. from Queen's University, Belfast and completed both my M.A. and PhD at McMaster University, Hamilton. I have been at Queen's University, Kingston since 1971, teaching courses in microclimatology, climate change, instrumentation and data management.

I am currently a member of the scientific review panel on exogenic processes for the Earth Sciences Committee of the Swedish Natural Science Research Council.


  • B.Sc. (Queen's, Belfast)
  • M.A., Ph.D.. (McMaster, 1972)


Research Interests:

My research in boundary layer climatology in the past six years has focused on forest-atmosphere interactions in respect to carbon, water and energy exchanges. I was a Principal Investigator in the Fluxnet-Canada Research Network (FCRN) and am associated with the Groundhog River Flux Station in Ontario and the Boreal Ecosystem Research and Monitoring Sites (BERMS) Flux Station in Saskatchewan. I am a Principal Investigator for the follow-on to the FCRN, the Canadian Carbon Program, funded for the period 2007-2010, by the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences (CFCAS). I was a co-investigator in the Canadian Climate Research Network, Land Surface Processes Group (the CLASS Project). I was a Principal Investigator in the BERMS program before its incorporation into the FCRN in 2002.

Contributions to the Training of Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP)

Over the past six years, the HQP who have worked with me include four doctoral students (three graduated, one in study), three masters students (two graduated, one in study), one PDF, eight technicians, seven undergraduate summer RA’s, and one graduate field assistant. The undergraduate RA's who have worked on my projects in the summer, usually assist with field deployment of equipment or with various laboratory duties, including testing of equipment, building sensors, or database entry. The technicians perform a range of duties including field operations, data management, and post-processing eddy covariance and meteorological data.

Other Evidence of Impact and Contributions

  • February 2000: Member of five-person International Review Panel for the Swedish Natural Science Research Council (NFR). The panel was charged with review of proposals on exogenic geochemistry and exogenic processes.
  • March 2000: Member of three-person Review Panel for Climate Change Action Fund in the area of Adaptation and Impacts (Forestry)
  • April 2000: Member of the BERMS Science Committee.
  • April 2002-March 2007: Member of the Science Committee and the Board of Directors of Fluxnet-Canada.
  • April 2007-present: Member of Operational Science Committee of the Canadian Carbon Program.
  • September 2003: Received the NSERC 25 Years of Excellence in Research certificate in recognition of twenty-five years of continuous funding support from NSERC.