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Department of Geography and Planning
Department of Geography and Planning
Portrait of Joyce Davidson.

Joyce Davidson

Associate Professor
Mackintosh-Corry Hall

On leave indefinitely

I was born and brought up in Scotland, and entered academia via the Philosophy Department of Stirling University. It was here that I first developed an interest in spatial theories of embodiment, emotions, and gendered subjectivity, leading to doctoral research on ‘Agoraphobic Geographies’ at the University of Edinburgh. Following the completion of my PhD in 2001, I took up a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in the Institute for Health Research at Lancaster University, where I worked with members of the UK National Phobics Society whose lives were severely restricted by phobias of ‘nature’ (such as spiders or thunder). I arrived at Queen’s in 2003, and have continued to research emotional difference and ‘disorder’, most recently in the context of critical autism studies.

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Research Interests:

  1. Geographies of Health and Illness: critical autism studies; mental health; anxiety disorders; phobias; ‘hysteria’; culture and psychopathologies; ‘ill’ identities; disability and difference; (im)mobility; health, class and gender; expertise and the medical gaze; psychiatry and anti-psychiatry; self-help groups; counselling; virtual reality therapies.
  2. Geographies of Embodiment and Emotions: ‘lived’ bodies and boundaries; body image; bodily control; phenomenology; cross-cultural approaches; pregnancy; embodied emotions; senses and perception; depersonalization.
  3. Social Geographies: subjectivity and spatiality; constructions and contestations of contemporary social identities.
  4. Gender and Feminist Theory; ethics; sexual difference; language and ideology; gender and knowledge; nature/culture; self-identity; geographies of ‘home’; public/private space; gender and performance.

Curriculum Vitae (PDF 266 kB)