Department of Geography and Planning

Department of Geography and Planning
Department of Geography and Planning

Theses and Reports - 2015 to 2019

Type Report/Thesis Name Author Year
Report (pdf, 428kB) The Role of Business Improvement Areas in Community Economic Development: An exploratory study of BIAs in Toronto (Supervisor: Prof. John Meligrana) Ahluwalia, Gurraj 2019
Report (pdf, 111kB) Planning for Sustainable Development: An Analysis of the State of Planning in the City of Kingston through an Official Plan Evaluation (Supervisor: Prof. John Meligrana) Armstrong, Natalie 2019
Report (pdf, 131kB) The Development of Modern Urban Planning in Quebec between 1946-1973 (Supervisor: Prof. David Gordon) Desforges, Vincent 2019
Report (pdf, 96kB) Students and Seniors: Intergenerational Homesharing in Kingston, Ontario (Supervisor: Prof. Patricia Collins) Fraser, Carling 2019
Report (pdf, 265kB) Deindustrilization and Economic Development in St. Catharines, Ontario (Supervisor: Prof. Betsy Donald) Kurylovich, Dmitry 2019
Report (pdf, 161kB) Names Versus Numbers: Exploring how planning for social inclusion could help alleviate the stigmatization of poverty in a small town (Supervisor: Prof. Leela Viswanathan) MacDonald-Plummer, Taylor 2019
Thesis (pdf, 26kB) The Role of Municipal Level Government in Accelerating 100% Renewable Energy Use: a Case Study of Oxford County, Ontario (Supervisor: Prof. Graham Whitelaw) Murray, Matthew 2019
Report (pdf, 63kB) From Marketing to Master Plan: An Environmental Sustainability Analysis of Toronto’s East Harbour EcoDistrict (Supervisor: Prof. Leela Viswanathan) Robinson, Bryanne 2019
Report (pdf 119kB) Safer Stops: Increasing Public Perceptions of Safety through Bus Stop Design in the City of Greater Sudbury (Supervisor: Prof. Leela Viswanathan) Smith, Vanessa 2019
Report (pdf 33kB) A Socio-Spatial Analysis of Communities Affected by Public School Closures in Ontario (Supervisor:  Prof. Patricia Collins) Snow, Gabrielle 2019
Report (pdf, 696kB) Suburban growth in the Toronto CMA, 1996-2016: A Case of Johnny Town-Mouse and Timmy Willie (Supervisor: Prof. D.avid L.A. Gordon) Willms, Christopher 2019
Report (pdf, 101kB) Reacting to Change: Exploring the Potential Impacts of School Closures on Households and Neighbourhoods in Kingston, Ontario (Supervisor: Prof Patricia Collins) Allman, Lindsay 2018
Report (pdf, 328kB) Secondary Dwellings:  An Integrated Housing Option for Seniors in Small Municipalities (Supervisor: Prof Patricia Streich) Birdi, Chanti 2018
Report (pdf, 28kB) Full Disclosure: The Effects of Energy Benchmarking & Reporting Programs on Promoting Efficient Buildings (Supervisor: Prof John Andrew) Ezzio, Sarah 2018
Report (pdf, 85kB) Age-Friendly Built Environment: Examining the Downtown Core of the City of Kingston, Ontario (Supervisor: Prof. Ajay Agarwal) Geladi, Anna 2018
Report (pdf, 369kB)

Estimating suburban population growth: A study of the Ottawa-Gatineau CMA, 1996-2016 (Supervisor: Prof David L.A. Gordon)

Goldney, Emily 2018
Report (pdf, 75kB)

Shifting to More Progressive Parking Policy: An Examination of Parking Management Strategies to Complement the City of Ottawa’s Updated Minimum Parking Requirements (Supervisor: Prof Ajay Agarwal)

Hanifi, MIchael 2018
Report (pdf, 85kB) Leveraging Better Policy for Long-Term Sustainability in Northern Ontario: New Approaches to Planning for Decline (Supervisor: Prof Leela Viswanathan) Kuhl, Nicholas 2018
Report (pdf, 286kB) Bridging the Gap Between Disaster/Emergency Management and Urban Planning in Vancouver Island Communities (Supervisor: Prof Leela Viswanathan) Lumley, Sarah 2018
Report (pdf, 73kB) Enhancing First Nation and Métis Involvement in Land Use Planning in Southern Ontario: The Case of Ontario's Greenbelt Plan Review (Supervisor: Prof Leela Viswanathan) Morris, Meg 2018
Report (pdf, 65kB)

The notable role of planners in community energy plans (Supervisor: Prof Warren Mabee)

Peachey, JoAnn 2018
Thesis (pdf, 117kB) Internet-based Planning in First Nations Communities: Challenges and Opportunities (Supervisor: Prof Graham Whitelaw) Polyzois, Konstantine 2018
Report (pdf, 1.63MB)

Our Physical Environment, Our Choices?: A comparison of urban design and pedestrian patterns along Kingston’s Princess Street (Supervisor: Prof David L.A. Gordon)

Prell, Phillip 2018
Report (pdf, 102kB) Exploring the Reasons Why Queen's Employees Have and Have Not, Shifted to Commuting by Public Transit in Kingston (Supervisor: Prof Patricia Collins) Rees, Joanna 2018
Report (pdf, 174kB) Growing Pains: Exploring the implications of Urban Vertical Growth on Emergency Fire Service delivery in Toronto, Ontario (Supervisor: Prof Leela Viswanathan) Sharp, Laurel 2018
Report (pdf, 154kB) The State of Urban Intensification in the Greater Golden Horseshoe (Supervisor: Prof Graham Whitelaw) Tasfi, Sydney 2018
Report (pdf, 518kB)

Unearthing Recognition: Examining Indigenous Agency in the Land Development Process (Supervisor: Prof. Leela Viswanathan)

Alain, Scott 2017
Thesis (pdf, 262kB)

Art and Soul in the Exchange District of Winnipeg, MB: Planning for Arts, Culture and Creativity (Supervisor: Prof. Betsy Donald

Bell, Paul 2017
Report (pdf, 535kB)

Security, Crime Prevention and Capital Planning: A Study of Two Embassies in Canada’s Capital (Supervisor: Prof. David L.A. Gordon)

Coyle, Emilie 2017
Report (pdf, 55kB) School Closures & Community Hubs: Examining Livability in Ontario through School Closures and the Community Hubs Framework (Supervisor: Prof. Patricia Collins) Cranston, Sarah 2017
Report (pdf, 93kB)

The Impact of Employment Status on the Travel Behaviour of Millennials: Assessing the Potential for Promoting Sustainable Transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (Supervisor: Prof. Ajay Agarwal)

Giallonardo, Michael 2017
Report (pdf, 476kB) ‘It’s Only Water - Triple Bottom Line Analysis for Planners and Policy Makers about Direct Potable Reuse in Canada.’ (Supervisor: Prof. John Meligrana) Kennedy, Aidan 2017
Report (pdf, 299kB)

"Making Green Roofs Happen" in Toronto: Policy Analysis (Supervisor: Prof. John Meligrana)

Lee, Joanne 2017
Report (pdf, 493kB)

Visitability in Social and Affordable Housing Developments in Kingston, Ontario - Practice, challenges, impacts, and policies (Supervisor: Prof. Patricia Streich)

Libera, Sarah 2017
Report (pdf, 357kB)

Attitudinal Variables Influencing Transit Ridership: Measuring the Impact of Express Bus Service in Kingston, Ontario (Supervisor: Patricia Collins)

MacFarlane, Robert 2017
Report (pdf, 57kB) Checking Kingston's Equity Pulse: An application and critical evaluation of the Urban HEART@Toronto methodology to investigate the intra-city social and health inequities of Kingston, ON (Supervisor: Prof.Patricia Collins) Pakeman, Kyle 2017
Report (pdf, 357kB)

Comparing Form-Based Codes and Urban Design Guidelines in the Central Areas of Two Mountain Resort Towns (Supervisor: Prof. David L.A. Gordon)

Pinchin, Ian 2017
Report (pdf, 797kB) The Potential for Culture-led Regeneration in Toronto's Port Lands:  Lessons from Hafen City, Hamburg  (Report not on QSpace; Supervisor: Prof. David L.A. Gordon) Sjaarda, Julia 2017
Report (pdf, 8.19 MB) Small Town Downtown Revitalization: Applying the Main Street Approach to the towns of Perth and Carleton Place, Ontario (Supervisor: Prof. John Meligrana) D'Aoust, Jessica 2016
Report (pdf, 305kB) Best Practices for the Creation of Urban Forest Management Plans: Lessons from London and Mississauga for Ontario's Large Municipalities (Supervisor: Prof. John Meligrana) Douglas, Thomas 2016
Report (pdf 806kB) Assessing the Implementation of a Secondary Plan Using a Conformance-Based GIS Method: A Pilot Project in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Supervisor: Prof. David Gordon) Fehr, Thomas 2016
Report (pdf 66kB) Measuring Solar Energy Potentials in Residential Environments: A Comparative Study of Three Neighbourhoods in Kingston, Ontario (Supervisor: Prof. John Meligrana) Gundrum, David 2016
Report (pdf, 136kB) Transitioning Towards a Development Permit System: Recommendations for the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (Supervisor: Prof. John Meligrana) Muir, Graeme 2016
Report (pdf 391kB) First Nation Successes: Developing Urban Reserves in Canada (Supervisor: Prof. Patricia Streich) Poholka, Holli 2016  
Report (pdf 36kB) Troubled Waters Ahead: An Evaluation of Shoreline Land Use Policies for Water Quality Protection in Renfrew County, Ontario (Supervisor: Prof. Graham Whitelaw) Rueckwald, Megan 2016
Report (pdf, 76kB) Energizing the Oak Ridges Moraine?  Analyzing the Policy Implications of Three Wind Energy Developments on the Oak Ridges Moraine and their Potential Impact on the Coordinated Land Use Planning Review through the Involvement of First Nations and Environmental Non-governmental Organizations (Supervisors: Prof. Graham Whitelaw and Prof. Leela Viswanathan) Salsberg, Joanna 2016
Report (pdf, 65kB) A Minor Change?: A Case Study of Carleton Place's Integration of Minor Variance Procedures into Ontario's Development Permit System (Supervisor: Prof. John Meligrana) Segal-Daly, Benjamin 2016
Report (pdf, 988kB) Rise of Rental: Encouraging the Development of Purpose-Built Rental Apartments Across Vancouver and Toronto (Supervisor: Prof. John Andrew) Shmulevitch, Michael 2016
Report (pdf, 56kB) The Application of the Precautionary Principle in the Land Use Process in Ontario (Supervisor: Prof. Graham Whitelaw) Taylor, Ashley 2016
Report (pdf, 606kB) Sydenham Street Revived: A Public Space Experiment (Supervisor: Prof. David L.A. Gordon) Tulloch, Alia 2016

Report (pdf, 746kB)

The Sustainable Campus:  A Comparison of Comprehensive Sustainability Policies in the Campus Master Plans of the University of Guelph and Queen’s University  (Supervisor:  Prof. David Gordon) Bang, Elizabeth 2015
Report (pdf, 67kB) Identifying and Analyzing Natural Hazard Based Appeals at the Ontario Municipal Board (Supervisor: Prof. John Meligrana) Bohan, Stephen 2015
Report (pdf, 79kB) Second to None: Secondary Suites and Affordable Housing for Seniors in Kingston, Ontario (Supervisor: Prof. Patricia Streich) Bolduc, Jacob 2015
Report (pdf, 335kB) Planning Senior-Friendly Neighbourhoods for Instrumental Activities of Daily Living: An evaluation of Macassa and Glenview West, Hamilton, Ontario (Supervisor: Prof. Patricia Collins) Coates, Victoria 2015
Report (pdf, 1.64MB) Urbanizing Suburban Downtowns: Transit-Supportive Design Guidelines for Downtown Mississauga (Supervisor: Prof. Ajay Agarwal) Dia, Ibrahim 2015
Report (pdf, 930kB) The LEEDing Attraction to the BESt: Exploring the attraction to certified, sustainable commercial office space in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Supervisor: Prof. John Andrew) Finkler-Kemeny, Kate 2015
Report (pdf, 507kB) Walkability of Three Southern Ontario Inner City University Campus Thoroughfare Streets: Assessing the Physical and Perceptual Qualities of the Built Environment (Supervisor: Prof. Patricia Collins) Fotino, Anthony 2015
Report (pdf, 55kB) Planning for the Flood Fringe: A Comparative Analysis of Two Zone Concept Planning Policies Used by Conservation Authorities in Southern Ontario (Supervisor: Prof. Graham Whitelaw) Gunasekara, Dhilan 2015
Report (pdf, 525kB) Kingston Inner Harbour: A Cultural Heritage Landscape Pilot Study (Supervisor: Prof. David Gordon) Holthof, Benjamin 2015
Report (pdf, 885KB) Condos, Lettuce, and Tomatoes: Factors Influencing the Provision of Food Production Spaces in New Multi-Unit Residential Developments in Toronto and Vancouver (Supervisor: Prof. Leela Viswanathan) Huang, Dilys 2015
Report (pdf, 169kB) Families, a vital resource for the planning and survival of resource towns:  Case Studies of Kitimat, Fort St. John and Tumbler Ridge (Supervisor:  Prof. Leela Viswanathan) Jiang, Jessica 2015
Report (pdf, 385kB) From a lot to a lot better:  Perceptions of security and attractiveness of design features of two parking lots in the City of Kingston (Supervisor: Prof. Leela Viswanathan) Katyal, Himanshu 2015
Report Perception of Safety at Transit Stops: A Case Study of Kingston, ON (Supervisor: Prof. David Gordon) Kheir-Moghadam, Golsa 2015
Report (pdf, 19kB) Falling Down and Climbing Up the Ladder of Neighbourhood Change:  Filtering and Gentrification in Metro Vancouver, 1981-2006 (Supervisor: Prof. Andrejs Skaburskis) Louie, Vincent 2015
Report (pdf, 88kB) Addressing Core Housing Need in the City of Saint John, New Brunswick (Supervisor: Prof. Patricia Streich) MacDonald, Natasha 2015
Report (pdf, 87kB) Linking Bike Path to Train Track:  Recommendations for Improved Bicycle Parking Facilities at the Future Baseline LRT Station, Ottawa (Supervisor: Prof. Ajay Agarwal) McIntosh, Robert 2015
Report (pdf, 355kB) Comparing the Potential for Creative Clusters for Urban Regeneration (Supervisor: Prof.John Meligrana) Misiak, Andrew 2015
Report (pdf, 673kB) Planning Near-University Neighbourhoods: A Case Study of Kingston, ON and Ithaca, NY (Supervisor: Prof. David Gordon) Nadeau, Jeff 2015
Report (pdf, 28kB) Exploring the factors that support cooperative and equitable municipal-First Nation relationships: A case study of the City of Calgary and the Tsuut’ina Nation (Supervisor: Prof. Leela Viswanathan) Newton, Randi 2015
Report (pdf, 154kB) Sustainability at the Urban-Rural Fringe: Assessing the implications of agriburban development for planning sustainable communities in the whitebelt of the Greater Golden Horseshoe (Supervisor: Prof. Patricia Collins) O'Neill-Kizoff, Cian 2015
Report (pdf, 91kB) Revitalizing the Beachway Park: Recommendations for Improving the Waterfront Trail along the shores of Burlington, Ontario (Supervisor: Prof. Ajay Agarwal) Romlewski, Samantha 2015
Report (pdf, 316kB) Retrofitting for sustainability: Assessing the sprawl repair potential of three commercial centres in Hamilton, Ontario (Supervisor: Prof. John Meligrana) Shuhaibar, Mazen 2015
Report (pdf, 93kB) Tackling Tactical Urbanism:  Exploring the Potential for Improved Social Spaces on Queen’s University Campus (Supervisor:  Prof. David Gordon) Smith, Molly and Tejani, Shazeen 2015
Report (pdf, 43kB) Sustainability at the Urban-Rural Fringe: Assessing the implications of agriburban development for planning sustainable communities in the whitebelt of the Greater Golden Horseshoe (Supervisor: Prof. Patricia Collins) Spessot, Miranda 2015
Report (pdf, 68kB) Evaluating the Walkability of Traditional Main Streets:  A Comparative Analysis of downtown Brockville, Cornwall and Kingston, Ontario (Supervisor: Prof. Graham Whitelaw) Suffel, Jordan 2015
Report (pdf, 2.22 MB) Community Based Development in Rideau Heights:  The Case for a Community-Driven Storefront Initiative (Supervisor:  Prof. Leela Viswanathan) Tan, Diane 2015
Report (pdf, 93kB) Tackling Tactical Urbanism:  Exploring the Potential for Improved Social Spaces on Queen’s University Campus (Supervisor: Prof. David Gordon) Tejani, Shazeen and Smith, Molly 2015
Report (pdf, 195kB) How Age-Friendly are Kingston's Suburban Streets? A comparative case study analysis of Kingston, Ontario (Supervisor: Prof. Patricia Collins) Thibault, Jenna 2015
Report (pdf, 605kB) Reanimating a Forgotten Crossing:  Design recommendations for the redevelopment of Ottawa’s Prince of Wales Bridge into a multifunctional rail-trail bridge (Supervisor: Prof. Ajay Agarwal) Thomassen-Darby, Corinna 2015
Report (pdf, 51kB) PARK IT - Examining urban green spaces in the downtown core of Toronto, Ontario (Supervisor: Prof. Patricia Collins) Tootoonchian, Pegah 2015
Report (pdf, 1.45MB) Woodward's: Urban Design and Public Space - Measuring a Sense of Place (Supervisor: Prof. Leela Viswanathan) von Hausen, Athena 2015
Report (pdf, 55kB) Old Buildings, Great Beer:  Lessons of Adaptive Reuse and Microbreweries in the City of Toronto (Supervisor: Dr. Carl Bray) Zuk, Daren 2015