Department of Geography and Planning

Department of Geography and Planning
Department of Geography and Planning

Theses and Reports - 2020 to 2024

Type Report/Thesis Name Author Year
Report (pdf, 61kB) A Made-in-Muskoka Approach: An Evaluation of Official Plan Policies related to Land Use Policies and Tools in the District Municipality of Muskoka (Supervisor: Prof. Graham Whitelaw) Fior, Kassidee 2021
Report (pdf, 497kB) Content Analysis Comparing Canada’s Two Earliest Town Planning Journals (Supervisor: Prof. David L.A. Gordon) Goodman, Jasmine 2021
Report (pdf, 269kB) Where Did the Neighbourhood Go?  A Look into the Spatial Distributions of Students Across Ontario Mid-Sized Cities (Supervisor: Prof. David L.A. Gordon) Lauzon, Matthew 2021
Report (pdf, 123kB) Making Space for Physical Distancing in Canada's Urban Centers: A Case Study of Vancouver's Slow Streets (Supervisor: Prof. Patricia Collins) Lee, Claire 2021
Report (pdf, 35kB) Transit Agency Responses to COVID-19: A review of challenges and opportunities for continued service delivery (Supervisor: Prof. Ajay Agarwal) McGowan, Ellen 2021
Report (pdf, 134kB) Revisiting the Reclaimed Street: An analysis of Kensington Market’s Pedestrian Sundays’ initiative as an exercise in community participation (Supervisor: Prof. John Meligrana) Mitchell, Ryan 2021
Report (pdf, 71kB) Anaerobic Digestion as a Residential Food Waste Management Method (Supervisor: Prof. Patricia Collins) Culley, Christina 2020
Report (pdf, 106kB) Inspiring Thoughtfulness, Creativity, and Togetherness in Communities: The Role of Public Art Master Plans in Facilitating Placemaking (Supervisors: Profs. Leela Viswanathan and John Meligrana) Evans, Katherine 2020
Report (pdf, 40kB) Regulating Urban Residential Development on Private Road: An Ontario Case Study of Four Municipalities (Supervisor: Prof. John Meligrana) Gordon, Mark 2020
Report (pdf, 96kB) Exploring the impacts of the GPNO and the Far North Act on Official Plans and a Community-Based Land Use Plan (Supervisors: Prof. Leela Viswanathan and Prof. Graham Whitelaw Lamontagne-Dupuis, Leena 2020
Report (pdf, 844kB) A More Sustainable Suburb? Analyzing the Relative Sustainability of Garrison Crossing in Chilliwack, British Columbia (Supervisor: Prof. David L.A. Gordon) Luymes, Gavin 2020
Report (pdf, 514kB) Community-Driven Solutions in Public Transit-Deprived Regions: A case study of Rural Rides, a community transportation initiative in southeast New Brunswick (Supervisors: Prof. Leela Viswanathan and Prof. Ajay Agarwal) MacKnight, Rachel 2020
Report (pdf, 372kB) Making Heritage Community Centres Accessible for an Aging Population in Peterborough (Supervisors: Profs. Leela Viswanathan and Patricia Collins) Nabuurs, Hayley 2020
Report (pdf, 123kB) The Cannabis Quandary: Exploring the Provincial Role in Regulating Cannabis Production as a Land Use in Ontario (Supervisor: Prof. John Meligrana) Reaburn, Chloe 2020
Report (pdf, 40kB) An Exploratory Comparative Case Study of Repurposed Elementary Schools in Highly Deprived Communities in Ontario (Supervisor: Prof. Patricia Collins) Schneider, Jaclyn 2020
Report (pdf, 83kB) Declaring a Climate Emergency. Initial Impacts on Operations in the City of Kingston and the Town of Halton Hills (Supervisor: Prof. John Meligrana) Sutton, Jennifer 2020
Report (pdf, 4.7 MB) Supportive Housing Case Studies: How supportive housing in Ontario and British Columbia is developed and operated (Supervisor: Prof. Patricia Streich) Tanner, Kyla 2020