Geological Science and Engineering

Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering

Facilities & Services

The Department is well-equipped for research with standard research tools expected in an Earth Science department, but also hi-tech and specialized research equipment available, as summarized below.

Departmental Facilities

  • Stable Isotope & ICP/MS Lab (QFIR)
  • Electron Microbeam & Biogeochemistry Lab
  • Computational Geomechanics Lab
  • Geomechanics Imaging Lab
  • X-Ray Diffraction and Clay Mineral Lab
  • Networked Computing Facilities
  • Thin-Section/Rock-Cutting Lab

Computational Geomechanics Lab

Dr. Mark Diederichs, Dr. Jean Hutchinson

  • LiDAR imaging systems – Reigl, Faro and Optech
  • Photography equipment – Gigapan robotic heads, Canon and Nikon SLR cameras and lenses
  • Phantom IV UAV
  • Software – Photoscan, CloudCompare, RiScan, Polyworks, Cyclone
  • High performance work stations

Geomechanics Imaging Lab

Dr. Jean Hutchinson, Dr. Mark Diederichs

  • LEICA HDS6000 (ultra high speed, high res, phase-based) Lidar imaging system
  • Optech ILRIS3D Long-Range (time-of-flight) Lidar system
  • Polyworks, Cyclone, Split-FX, Vulcan Software and high-performance workstations

X-ray Diffraction and Clay Mineral Lab

Dr. Dan Layton-Matthews, Dr. Matthew Leybourne, Dr. Peir Pufhal

  • Panalytical X’pert Pro Powder diffractometer
  • Panalytical High Score Software, including Rietveld analysis
  • International Center for Diffraction Data database
  • International Crystal Structure database
  • Multi-phase mineral identification and quantification
  • Standard clay separation and identification

Networked Computing Facilities

Professor Rob Harrap

  • Earth Systems Information Laboratory which is well equipped with geological software including ER Mapper, ESRI (Arc/view), and GOCAD++ three-dimensional geological visualization packages.
  • Image processing and print production facilities (600 dpi postscript laser printer, LFR personal slide maker, and hi-res scanner).
  • TCP/IP Networked Pentium and Workstation-class computers
  • Internet access

Thin-Section/Rock-Cutting Lab

Dr. Steve Beyer

  • In-house facilities for making thin-sections, polished thin-sections, and microprobe mounts
  • Slabbing saws, trim saws, and polishing equipment
  • Rock crushing equipment