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Jay Hodgson

Jay Hodgson Queen's University Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engienering

The Department is moving forward with several exciting new projects, after years of “holding the line”, as the University reorganized our funding models.  Our first initiative – one that we’ve been looking forward to for years – is to create a new integrated learning space that honours one of our distinguished professors, Dr. Jay Hodgson.

Those of us who were fortunate enough to take undergraduate or graduate courses in metallogeny and mineral exploration from Jay, will recall the dynamic nature of the classroom… Jay, accompanied by maps, rock samples, thin sections, technical reports, perhaps a microscope or a computer with GIS data, and the inevitable blackboard with scrawlings, enthusiastically leading a multi-faceted, and at times, emotional discussion that was aimed at what truly matters in exploration… discovery!

Driven by former Hodgson students who wish to establish a lasting tribute, we aim to create a dedicated exploration think-tank space on the top floor of Miller Hall, in effect a crucible that will support Jay’s practical, seminar-style of teaching which, frankly, was decades ahead of its time.  We foresee a central discussion area, surrounded by all the geological materials and current technologies that will allow students to move seamlessly from theory to application and back again as they learn the crucial pairing of unfettered creativity and logical deduction that leads to successful mineral exploration.  The classroom will be used by senior undergraduate and graduate classes and will also be available for professional development short courses for exploration industry geologists. We also plan to continue current efforts to catalog and preserve key collections from world class deposits, revitalizing our support materials, as we grow our faculty and enhance our teaching of economic geology once again.

Jay himself is fully on board with this learning centre initiative and, never one to toot his own horn, he is nonetheless happy to lend his name towards making the vision a reality.  The stars are aligning – we have a spare classroom, we have the raw materials, and we have motivated and capable people to carry the vision forward. We just need financial assistance from key alumni like you to retrofit and equip the space. Will you help make the Hodgson Learning Centre a reality?

If you have any questions, please contact Rob Harrap:

Gifts can be made online, via the Queen’s online giving site, or via cheque payable to “Queen’s University”, sent to:

Lorna Dumond
Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
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With your support we can make this vision a reality and honor Jay’s teaching legacy.