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Congratulations Award Winners Winter 2018

On Friday, April 6, we held an award ceremony recognizing the many great accomplishments of members of the department!

The fourth year Geological Sciences Thesis Award winner, recently named the Dr. Ron Peterson award, was presented to Patrick DeRossier, pictured below.

The fourth year Geological Engineering Design Projects were presented on the same day, and the winning poster was announced as the team consisting of Alexander Cavaliere, Matt Kerr, Brieanne Thoman and Benjamin Shalansky. Their design project is titled, "Geohazard Risk Management - CN Railway, White Canyon, BC." The team is pictured below.

From left to right, Alexander Cavaliere, Matt Kerr, Brieanne Thoman, Benjamin Shalansky

Finally, a number of Teaching Assistants were recognized for going above and beyond to assist students this term. They were presented with Named TAship awards, a program funded entirely by donations from alumni and corporations. Named TAship award winners are pictured below. For more information about Teaching Assistantships in the department, visit the TA page. For more information about the Named TAship Fund, visit the Named TAship page.

Student Award Course
Madison Schmidt Bill Pearson TA Award GEOL/E 104
Brian Fu Klohn Crippen Berger TA Award APSC 200
Amy Cleaver Endeavour Silver TA Award GEOL/E 235
Matt Degeer Desmond Lee TA Award GEOL/E 235
Collette Pilsworth Wayne Foo and Lynne Masrhall TA Award GEOL/E 235
Will Reith Roger and Lorna Smith TA Award GEOL/E 238
Meghan Zulian Gord and Katherine Keep TA Award GEOL/E 238
Oday Daboor Arc Resources TA Award GEOL/E 319
Malcolm MacDougall Arc Resources TA Award GEOL/E 319
Richard Carter Class of ’04 TA Award GEOL/E 333
Clare Miller Greg Heath TA Award GEOL/E 333
Ioannis Vazaios BGC Engineering Inc. TA Award GEOL/E 333
Colin Aldis Beach Meadows Resources TA Award GEOL/E 362
Mariam Tahra Ahmed Labeid Hemmera TA Award GEOL/E 439
Chris Schuh

Dr. Al Gorman Teaching Assistant Excellence Award

GEOL/E 362

Congratulations to everyone on their respective awards and for all their hard work this term!