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Dr. James Coauthors Book on Carbonate Sedimentary Rocks

Professor Noel James is co-author with Brian Jones (University of Alberta) of a new textbook entitled “Origin of Carbonate Sedimentary Rocks" published by Wiley in August 2015.  

The book provides an overview of the origin and preservation of carbonate sedimentary rocks. The focus is on limestones and dolostones and the sediments from which they are derived. The approach is general and universal and draws heavily on fundamental discoveries, arresting interpretations, and keystone syntheses that have been developed over the last five decades. The book is designed as a teaching tool for upper level undergraduate classes, a fundamental reference for graduate and research students, and a scholarly source of information for practicing professionals whose expertise lies outside this specialty. The approach is rigorous, with every chapter designed as a separate lecture on a specific topic that is encased within a larger scheme. The text is profusely illustrated with all colour diagrams and images of rocks, subsurface cores, thin sections, modern sediments, and underwater seascapes. These images are available free on line. 

The book is available for purchase from online retailers including