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Surrounding yourself with well-chosen mentors can dramatically change your life. A mentor is someone with vast experience or unique talents, who is willing to share ideas.

As a GARNET Mentor you will provide information on your career to a current Geological Sciences & Geological Engineering student. You will help answer career-based questions, providing insight into the job market for recent graduates. Mentors should be young GEO- alumnus, having graduated from the Department of Geological Sciences & Geological Engineering within the last ten years.  You will be paired with a mentee based on your area of career experience and the mentee’s area of interest at the discretion of the GARNET Coordinator.
For more information, contact Larke Zarichny.

View the 2020-2021 Year-in-Review (PDF 636 KB)

View the 2019-2020 Year-in-Review (PDF 338KB)

Mentorship Information
Everything you need to know about becoming a mentor

Major Duties & Responsibilities

  • Connect with mentee at least once per month via email to answer questions related to your career and careers related to Geological Sciences, Geological Engineering, or earth/energy resources.
  • Provide insight into entering the workforce through answering general questions about starting a career.

Skills/Competencies Required

  • Career in Geological Sciences, Geological Engineering, or related field
  • A GEO young alumnus (graduated between 2010 – 2019)
  • Strong communication skills

Skills/Competencies Acquired

  • Mentorship experience

Expectations & Reporting

  • You will connect with your mentee at least once per month via email with communication occurring no more than once per week.
  • You will copy the GARNET Coordinator on all emails with your mentee.

Time Commitment

This will be an eight-month (October – May) volunteer term. Volunteers are expected to connect with their mentee at least once per month and no more than once per week. Approximate time commitment of two hours per month.

Staff Partnership

GARNET mentors will work closely with Larke Zarichny, the GARNET Coordinator. Larke will provide mentors with logistical support and act as a moderator in communications between mentors and mentees.

How It Would Work:

Undergrad students will be invited to participate in the program in by working with a young alumni mentor who is working in a field similar to their interests.


  • Opportunity to connect with current Queen’s students and share own experiences with entering the workforce
  • The opportunity to give back and make a difference in a mentee’s endeavour to carve a career in the geoscience field; the opportunity to contribute towards the promotion of the geoscience profession among young people; and the opportunity to exercise leadership and coaching skills by providing guidance, insights, and opportunities to brainstorm on different ideas and/or problem-solve.


How It Would Work:

After a brief introductory meeting with the coordinator of the GARNET program, you will be matched up with a Queen’s Geo-Alumni who has similar interests as you, if possible. Your mentor will be available to interact with you (via email, skype, etc.) once a month to answer any questions you may have. We ask that you respect the time of the mentor and make sure to have some good questions to ask. If they do not get a chance to respond to all of them, please respect their time and save your questions for the next conversation, which you are responsible for setting up with the mentor.

Guest Speaker Series

Within the Garnet program, there will be a Speaker Series featuring visiting speaker talks and seminars. 

For more information, contact Larke Zarichny.