Geological Science and Engineering

Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering


"For anyone who is still trying to figure out what you want to do, finding and following your passion is so key. Try new things and don’t be afraid to get involved with different activities. You never know what sort of passion might end up picking you."

Hometown: Burlington, ON

Program: Geological Sciences

Current year: 3rd

Why I chose Geology:

Like most students coming out of high school, I didn’t know for sure what I wanted to do. After a lot of thinking and conversations with my parents, they asked me what I like and what interests me. My immediate reply was, “Rocks!!” After that I had my answer and my passion. Geology has been something I have been interested in for as long as I can remember. For me, the physical processes that form the earth structures we see today are completely mindboggling and I can’t learn enough about them!

Student involvement/extracurricular activities I am involved with:

I am the VP Art Sci for the Miller Club, Geology Representative for the Department School Council, Geology Student Representative for the Arts and Science Curriculum Committee, President of Women in Mining – Kingston Chapter and a member of the Geology Department Dodgeball Team – Bed Rockers.

The professor(s) or course which has influenced me the most so far:

All of them! I know it is cliché but there has not been a course that I haven’t enjoyed learning, even studying for! The professors are so passionate it makes learning that material truly enjoyable.

Most memorable Queen’s experience so far:

Field School no questions!

After I graduate, I:

Hope to get involved with an international company either with hard or soft rock, which would allow me to see the world, meet tons of interesting people and provide hands on experiences.

One big goal I’d like to accomplish during my lifetime:

I want to make a difference. Whether that be making a scientific contribution or an academic advance, I would love the chance to help better our society. Ideally I would like to do this by finding an alternate energy source or improving on the techniques we use today.

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