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Congratulations Named TAship Award Winners

Congratulations to all award recipients. Named TAship awards acknowledge a TA who has gone above and beyond to assist students in the classroom.

Named TAship award winners for Fall 2014:

Back row, L to R: Alexis Armstrong, Justin Drummond, Ted Matheson, Megan van Veen and Andrew Gagnon-Nandram

Front row, L to R: Jordan Rouse, Nick Joyce, Neil Fernandes

Student Award

Alexis Armstrong

Dr. William Pearson TA award

Kevin Azocar

Class of 2004 TA award

Justin Drummond

Roger and Lorna Smith TA award

Neil Fernandes

Endeavour Silver TA award

Dr. Al Gorman Teaching Assistant Excellence award

Andrew Gagnon-Nandram

Beach Meadows Resources TA award

Nick Joyce 

Gord and Katherine Keep TA award

Kirsten Maitland

Class of 2004 TA award

Ted Matheson

Wayne Foo and Lynne Marshall TA award

Matt Ondercin

Marc Prefontaine TA award

Jordan Rouse

Roger and Lorna Smith TA award

Megan van Veen

Klohn Crippen Berger TA award

Ioannis Vazaios

Thurber Engineering TA award

Bart Warren

Bruce Geotechnical Consultants TA award

If you have received an award, please come down to the main office (Room 240, Bruce Wing) to pick up your certificate. 

For more information about Teaching Assistantships in the department, visit the TA page.

For more information about the Named TAship Fund, visit the Named TAship page.