Geological Science and Engineering

Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering

Undergraduate studies at Queen's University Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering


Geological Sciences

Students wishing to complete a degree program designed to prepare them for a career or a higher degree in geology are encouraged to select one of the following 4-year Honours degrees:

Degree Description
BSc (​Honours) Major plan is ideal for students who are interested in a career-oriented program in the geosciences that also allows a wide choice of supporting and elective courses.

BSc (Honours, Geological Sciences)

Specialization plan provides the opportunity for a more intensive study of Geology and the supporting sciences. This plan is designed to lead easily to registration as a "Professional Geoscientist", a designation of increasing professional importance.

Geological Engineering

Degree Description
BASc (Bachelor of Applied Science)

Queen's Geological Engineering offers a core program in physics, mechanics and mathematics combined with geology, geophysics and geochemistry applied to geotechnical, geo-environmental and resource engineering.

Areas of specialization include geo-environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering and mineral and energy exploration.