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Our MLA 650 FEG ESEM is a high throughput field emission gun environmental scanning electron microscope. With its backscattered electron imaging capabilities and fast X-ray analysis, the MLA 650 FEG ESEM can be used to characterize geological and biological samples under low to high vacuum. The flexibility of the MLA 650 FEG ESEM is applicable to a wide variety of users.

The MLA 650 FEG ESEM has large specimen chamber, multiple high-speed energy dispersive X-ray spectrometers (EDS) and state of the art automated quantitative mineralogy software. Image and composition information can be acquired overnight from up to 16 samples without the need of operator assistance. The MLA software can identify minerals in polished sections of drill core, particulate or loose materials, and quantify a wide range of mineral characteristics, such as mineral abundance, grain size, and association - essential properties of samples. The MLA standards management system accommodates manual or automated standards collection, which makes the classification of spectra from new samples more efficient and reliable. This advanced standardization procedure is then used to classify spectra collected during the measurement.

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