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Finnigan MAT ELEMENT & Thermo Scientific ELEMENT XR HR-ICP-MS

The Finnigan MAT Element ICP-MS (inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer) and our recently installed Thermo Scientific ELEMENT XR can resolve mass differences of 0.0001, which enables the analysis of elements such as: Li, B, K, Cl, Fe, As, Se, Au and others. Through the combination of a single Faraday collector with the SEM, the linear dynamic range of the Thermo Scientific ELEMENT XR has increased our dynamic range by three orders of magnitude, when compared to our ELEMENT. Both instruments can be coupled with one of our two 213 nm NdYAG lasers for solid sampling or with our hydride generator for greater sensitivity of poorly ionized elements, such as Se, As, or Hg



ThermoFinnigan Neptune

The Thermo Finnigan NEPTUNE high resolution MC-ICP-MS (multicollector ICP-MS) is ideally suited for measurement of isotope ratios. The Neptune has high resolution capabilities so that interferences can be separated from analyte signals to ensure interference-free ratios. Samples can be measured as solutions or solids by laser ablation. Currently measured elements include: Sr, Pb, Sm, Nd, Hf, Cu, Zn, Li, B, Ca, Mg, Fe, Cr, U, Mo, Os and Re. U-Pb dating of zircon and other U-containing minerals is performed regularely.


The XSeries 2 ICP-MS is one of the most productive quadrupole ICP-MS available for routine and high performance analytical work. The use of Peltier cooling and a third generation Collision Cell provides the highest signal / background of any quadrupole ICP-MS with collision cell capability. The XSeries 2 is also the only ICP-MS that seamlessly controls our 213nm NdYAG lasers for solid sampling providing automated data acquisition and real-time data reduction.

ThermoScientific iCAP 6500 ICP-OES

The ThermoScientific iCAP 6500 ICP-OES was a recent addition to the QFIR ICP-MS Laboratory. It is a powerful, ICP system utilizing the latest design techniques. This compact benchtop ICP instrument has the core advantages of stability performance and economical operation. The duo design allows for radial and axial capabilities and has many additional features that provide benefits in terms of application flexibility and analytical productivity. The high efficiency optical design enables simultaneous analysis of 66 elements with detection limits at less than 1ppb. The wavelength coverage (166 to 847 nm) spans from Al through K and Na and a resolution minimum of 7ppm at 200nm.


Laser Ablation

Laser ablation is offered with either the use of our NMR Femto Laser Ablation System, NWR-193 Laser Ablation Platform, or LUN-213 Nd:YAG Laser Ablation System.