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QTRL Postdoctoral Research Scientist Wins Award for Best Journal Paper

More great news from the Queen’s Tectonics Research Laboratory – Postdoctoral Research Scientist Dr. Renaud Soucy La Roche, PhD 2018, has received an award from the Canadian Tectonics Group Division of the Geological Association of Canada.

Renaud and co-authors Dr. Laurent Godin, Dr. Dawn Kellett, and Dr. John Cottle, have been awarded the 2019 David Elliott Prize for best journal paper in structural geology or tectonics! This prize will be awarded at the upcoming GAC-MAC-IAH meeting in Quebec City for their paper “Preservation of the Early Evolution of the Himalayan Middle Crust in Foreland Klippen: Insights from the Karnali Klippe, West Nepal” published in Tectonics, 37(5). 

Congratulations Renaud!