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Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering

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With high-tech geochemistry and geophysics labs, geomechanics computing tools, and Queen’s Facility for Isotope Research lab to work in, our students have the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge geoscience and geoengineering research. As well, students are able to work in first-rate facilities with world-renowned scientists and research engineers, and have opportunities to collaborate with industrial leaders and engage in extensive fieldwork on six continents, making our program truly a world-class experience. Students can also collaborate with other departments at Queen’s, including Mining, Environmental Studies, Chemistry and Biology as well as other institutions like the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC).

As students and future researchers, you will have a chance to dive into a world of research possibilities. Click on one of the key research fields below for more detailed information regarding this research and core faculty.

Earth Evolution

An examination of how the multitude of processes that shape the Earth have interacted in the past to create the structure, landscape and resources that we find today, something that is said to require unique four-dimensional thinking.

Core Faculty: Guy Narbonne, Laurent Godin, Christopher Spencer

Earth Resources

The development of the concepts and tools to search for the mineral and nonrenewable energy resources that are essential for the maintenance of the lifestyle that the developed world enjoys, and which the developing world aspires to have.

Core Faculty: Alexander Braun, Gema Olivo, Heather JamiesonDaniel Layton-Matthews

Earth Engineering

The application of fundamental geological concepts to the development of safer and more sustainable use of earth materials in the service of society, both above ground and below the surface.

Core Faculty: Mark Diederichs, Georgia Fotopoulos, Jean Hutchinson, Vicki Remenda

A strength of the Department is our ability to transfer knowledge and ideas between these three areas, very commonly through the use of the geochemical tools available in the state-of-the-art Queen’s Facility for Isotopic Research (QFIR).