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Steve Rose, In Memoriam

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Shortly before 4:00pm on Friday, June 29th, Steven Vincent Rose passed peacefully at home surrounded by his wife and children.

Steve was a loving husband, father, son, brother, mentor, and friend to many throughout his life. Steve grew up as a frequent traveler, with his father’s work taking the Rose family through Belgium, France, South Africa, and England before Steve spent his Grade 13 studying (and playing semi-professional rugby) in Switzerland.

Steve attended Queen’s University for his Bachelors of Applied Science in Geological Engineering, starting in the infamous “Fourth McNeil” residence and falling in love with the city of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. After graduation he explored the United States and eventually started his career as an engineer in the greater Los Angeles region.

During his time in Orange County Steve met his future wife, Margit, while part of the Sierra Club mountaineers. In 1988, Steve and Margit wed in Yosemite national park and moved to Kingston where they have lived ever since. 1989 saw Steve start two of his lifelong passions: his family, with the birth of daughter Hayley, and his business, Malroz Engineering Inc. Two other children, Becky and Nick, followed in the next three years.

Steve was an active member in his professional community, spending time on the board of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers. His work was recognized through inauguration in the Professional Engineers of Ontario Order of Honour, along with being awarded the OSPE President’s Award for volunteering. He enjoyed numerous hobbies throughout his life including backpacking, rock climbing, stamp collecting, riding his motorcycle, beer tasting, listening to live music, and mentoring students at Queen’s.

These hobbies and life experiences helped Steve build a wide collection of relationships he maintained for decades. Steve was an avid networker, and became close friends with many school chums, professional colleagues, and fellow hobbyists. Activities, conferences, visits, and (almost) annual Christmas correspondence kept many connected to Steve throughout the years.

Steve began his battle with metastatic melanoma in late 2016, discovering that it had spread to sites in his back and lymph nodes. Several surgeries and an unsuccessful bout of chemotherapy followed in early 2017, and by July 2017 the cancer had spread to Steve’s brain. Despite this setback, Steve kept in high spirits and continued his avid travelling through the remaining year of his life including trips to Quebec, Chicago, Florida, Texas, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, and more with family and friends.

By late May in 2018, Steve began to experience severe leptomeningeal spread of his disease causing stroke-like symptoms including loss of motor function, vocabulary, and energy. An aggressive palliative regime was able to help restore a high quality of life for Steve in the following weeks despite the progression of the disease, ensuring he was able to spend his time lucid and active with family and friends.

By late June Steve’s cancer had unfortunately progressed past the point of even palliative treatment. From May onwards his immediate family were all present, and Steve was able to remain at home through the entirety of his battle. We are fortunate to report that he experienced no pain due to the spread of his disease, and that Steve was at peace in his final days.

It was Steve’s wish that in lieu of traditional funeral, he wanted a “celebration of life” to be held after his passing. His family have tentatively booked Saturday July 28th as the date for this celebration – further details are to follow. Rather than flowers, donation can be made in his name to the Kingston Cancer Centre or the Al Gorman fund at Queen’s University. Any questions regarding the celebration or donations can be forwarded to,, or

All the best, all our love, and as Steve signed off on his emails:


Margit, Hayley, Becky, and Nick