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Undergrad Assistant Receives Staff Recognition Award

Congratulations to Undergraduate Program Assistant, Larke Zarichny, on receiving a university Staff Recognition Award. She is receiving the award for 37 years of helping students succeed.

Excerpts from the letter of nomination:

If you were a student in the Department Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering some time in the last thirty-seven years, it is very likely that if you drop by, call or email, Larke Zarichny knows you by name.  And she will greet you with a big smile, and will very promptly solve whatever problem it is you need solving. 

In the words of former Head, Dr. Robert Dalrymple, Larke is “the primary liaison between the Department and our students, both undergraduate and graduate.  She is unfailingly helpful and friendly to everyone, and is one of the main reasons why our Department has had an especially good reputation for its friendly atmosphere, that has translated into high student satisfaction with our programs.”

From Dr. Michelle Thompson, now Assistant Professor at Purdue:

I was a student from 2006-20011, graduating with Sci/ArtSci degrees in Geo Eng and Biology. Larke was CRITICAL in enabling me to complete my double degree, complete an international study abroad experience, and in helping me organize summer NSERC research internships. She is hands down the warmest, kindest, most committed staff member I’ve ever met (and I went on to finish my Master’s and PhD and am now a professor, so I have seen my fair share!) I would not have been able to finish my degrees without her. Even now, almost ten years after graduating, I know I can send her an email and she will bend over backwards to help me in any way.

The award will be presented at the Principals Staff Holiday Reception on Wednesday, December 5th.

Congratulations Larke!